Friday, May 08, 2009

Canon iPF710 vs HP Designjet T1120 Review

A0 size CAD printing is the most common requirement for most of the plotter users in Architecture, Interior Design and Mechanical & Electrical engineering sectors. Generally, there are only 2 brands that compete in this market, which are Canon imagePROGRAF and HP Designjet.

While the users want to make an apple to apple comparison between Canon imagePROGRAF and HP Designjet for A0 CAD printing application, they will be confused as HP resellers are comparing HP Designjet T610 with Canon iPF710 while the Canon resellers are comparing Canon iPF710 with HP Designjet T1120.

If you are an engineering or architecture firm that require an AO size plotter for a work group of less than 10 peoples, I would recommend you to opt for either a Canon iPF710 or HP Designjet T1120 due to the reasons as below:

1. Network ready:
Both Canon iPF710 and HP T1120 are network ready. (HP DJ 510+ and HP DJ T610 are not network ready)

2. Ink tank size:
Both Canon iPF710 and HP T1120 ink tanks size are at 130ml. ( HP DJ 510+ and HP DJ T610 ink tank size are at 69ml).
Bigger ink tank size normally translate to cheaper cost per ml of ink.

3. Plotting speed:
See the Canon iPF710 vs HP Designjet T1100 vs HP Designjet 500ps speed comparison video below and judge yourself.

Test Conditions:
PC Specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, USB 2.0
Application Software: Autodesk SWG True View 2008
Print Data: CAD image, A0 size
Remark: Canon and HP output CAD image print mode are regarded as equivalent in image quality. (Not default setting comparison) 

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imDavidLee said...

hmm..for end user..which one works best?

Anonymous said...

The video shown is not true. It is fair to show it side by side not separately. It is clearly bias.


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