Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Videojet vs. Imaje vs. Hitachi vs. Domino

This sales competition shall be one of the toughest battle between Videojet, Imaje, Hitachi and Domino in year 2008.

The customer:
A multi national beverage manufacturer.

Sales potential:
Capital equipment investment: 5 units of CIJ
Consumables usage: 5 X 7000 prints per hour, equal to 35,000 prints per hour

Bidding inkjet brand:

To print 2 lines of code consists of batch number and expiry date on top of the aseptic paper carton beverage packaging on-line.

Videojet Approach:

Videojet is one of the most established inkjet company. 2 units of Videojet Excel 170i have been setup for the trial. Sales engineer with the backup of a team of service engineers has impressed the users of their excellent customer service.

Domino Approach:

This competition is advantageous to Domino as the user is existing user of Domino CIJ.

Hitachi Approach:
Hitachi, a new market leader of CIJ in South East Asia region. .Hitachi has made the competition tougher by offering the latest Hitachi PXR with a very attractive package. The touch panel of Hitachi PXR has given the users some new experience with the large and colorful screen.

Imaje Approach:
Imaje, one of the inkjet market leaders is offering the Imaje 9020. The small foot print has impressed the engineer where space is always an issue in the filling room.

Summary of users’ remarks as below:
Most user friendly- Videojet Excel 170i
Best customer service- Videojet Excel 170i , Hitachi PXR
Best print quality- Imaje 9020, Hitachi PXR

The Decision:
After a few weeks of actual production trials and studies, Videojet Excel 170i, Hitachi PXR and Domino A200 were short listed for final consideration. The maintenance leader of the manufacturer has one concern on the air driven Videojet Excel 170i as the compressed air supply available is oily and wet.

The proposals has been escalated to top management and to ensure a wise decision is made, the customer is seeking recommendation from the headquarter which is located outside of the country.

Finally a decision is made, and the order has awarded to Domino.


Anonymous said...

What were the criteria of the "actual production trials and studies"?

The fact that Domino got chosen shows how being loyal to a brand is a big part of customer decision. Even despite not having come out as top in any of the user's remarks.

Do you know of any newer competitions between these companies? Cheers, maylo

Unknown said...

Can you send me the price of this to my email tnanks.

Sleman Ozil said...

Can you send me the price of domino A200 to this email. Thanks

Marco said...

Hi Unknown, I am not a trader.
However you may mention your location so that the relevant vendors can reply to you.


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