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Canon iPF750 vs. Canon iPF710 Review – What are the differences between Canon iPF750 and Canon iPF710 A0 Size Large Format Printer?

Canon iPF710 is reckon to be the most successful wide format printer model for CAD applications which has been launch by Canon under the sub brand imagePROGRAF.  In late 2009, Canon iPF750 has been introduced to strengthen the iPF series offering at A0 size technical document applications while maintaining the A0 size flagship model, Canon iPF710.

Canon iPF750 (36-inch/ A0)

Both Canon iPF750 and Canon iPF710 are categorized at medium end* A0 size wide format printer range. The differences between Canon iPF750 and Canon iPF710 which will be explained below serve as a buying guide to the A0 size large format printer users.

 *Medium end wide format printers (A0 size) for CAD applications available in the market as of 8th December 2010 are Canon iPF710, Canon iPF750, Canon iPF755, HP Designjet T770 (44”), HP Designjet T770HD (44”) and HP Designjet T1200.

Please read below for the review of the differences between Canon iPF750 vs. Canon iPF710:

1. Productivity- Printing Speed
Canon iPF750 takes approximately 48 seconds while Canon iPF710 takes approximately 55 seconds to process, print and cut an A0 size CAD drawing.

Canon iPF750 has improved the printing speed by approximately 13% over Canon iPF710.

2. Media Handling
Canon iPF710 media roll holder is located at the rear part of the printer. Users need to access at the back of the printer for media roll replacement.
Canon iPF710 rear view

Canon iPF750 is featured with front loading design. It means users can load the paper roll at the front of the printer without the need to move the printer away from the wall for paper loading at the rear part of the printer.

A part from the above, the Canon iPF750 has enhanced the paper/media loading design with the loading guide rail which automatic perform skew correction and alignment of the paper.

3. Space Saving Design 
Canon iPF750 has significantly reduced the physical dimension of the printer length from 1,507mm (Canon iPF710) to 1,304mm.

The Canon iPF750 space-saving design with fully front-accessible operation for flush wall installation is definitely a key feature for users with limited office space such as corporate towers, project site offices and SOHO (small office home office) environment.
Large Format Printer Length Comparison (Canon iPF series vs. HP Designjet series)
The above is an illustration to scale of the printer length of Canon iPF750, Canon iPF710, Canon iPF650, HP Designjet T770 (24-inch), HP Designjet T770 (44-inch), and HP Designjet T1200 (24-inch).

4. Ink Delivery System (Sub Ink Tank Design)
Canon iPF750 is the first imagePROGRAF 36-inch models to use individual sub-tanks for each ink color within the printer. Constantly reserving a preset ink level in the sub ink tank lets users replace ink tanks without having to stop printing. Even when ink runs out unexpectedly, users can continue printing using just the subtanks. This also enables full use of ink tank contents, eliminating wasted ink.

The ink volume in the sub ink tanks is equivalent to approximately 80 sheets of A1 plain paper for monochrome drawings depending on printing condition.

5. Media Cutter
The Canon iPF750 is equipped with dual blade design with lifetime durability and it is driven by an independent motor that improve the media cutting speed. Not user replaceable. Estimated yield of the Canon iPF750 dual blade rotary cutter is at approximately 100,000 pieces of plain paper.

The Canon iPF710 comes with the user replaceable cartridge type single blade cutter. The estimated cutter life span is at approximately 20,000 pieces of plain paper.

6. Accounting Functions
The Canon iPF750 Status Monitor is enhanced with the Accounting Manager that designed and built to collect Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer job log information and calculate printing costs. This collects job logs to identify who printed what document from what printer and calculates the number of pages and sheets printed together with printing costs.

7. Maintenance Cartridge Life Span
The life span of the MC-10 Maintenance Cartridge for iPF750 is 2 times more durable than MC-07 Maintenance Cartridge for iPF710.

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