Monday, January 27, 2014

Maximize the ROI of the large format CAD printer

ROI, return of investment is always one of the key consideration in making business decision. In this case, we are going to discuss on the investment decision in purchasing a LFP from the perspective of ROI.

1. Choosing the right plan printer model.
Getting a suitable model is the key. The buyers need to considers requirements as below:

a. Maximum technical document print size requirement, not only present but also in the next 5 years time. (A0 or A1)

b. Print volume during the peak period. The selected model must be able to accommodate to the high volume during the busiest time frame. 

c. Product life cycle
The longer the life cycle, the higher the ROI. This depends not only on brand and model, but also the demographic.
For example, HP Designjet 500 series has much longer product life cycle as compared to HP Designjet T770 and T790.

And in Malaysia, Canon iPF605 has longer life cycle as compared to Canon IPF610.

d. Warranty
The longer the standard warranty period, the ROI is going to better. 
The time and material costs after the warranty period shall be considered as well.

e. After sales support
If the brand owner is having a service crew to take care of the printers, it shall be fine. If it is handled by service agents or dealers, make sure you are dealing with the reputable vendors.

Last but not least, do install a voltage stabilizer or UPS based on the power supply condition at your area.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Invest in wide format technical documents plotter or outsource printing?

Large format plan printer used to be a luxury equipment for Architecture, Engineering or Constructions companies in Malaysia. 10 years ago, a HP Designjet 1020 can cost more than USD10,000 per unit. At the time, most of the drawings were out sourced to commercial printers. 

Canon iPF765
The cost of a large format printer (LFP) has become very affordable these days. A decent A0 large format printer like Canon iPF750 or HP Designjet T920 will cost you less than USD4,000. Hence, most of AEC firms are installed with at least one unit of large format printer. More established AEC companies with high print volume are upgrading to LED based multi-function wide format printer such as Oce Plotwave 340 or Oce TDS 750.

The benefits of investing in wide format printer:

1. On demand printing
Just click a print button, the drawing will be ready for pick up in less than 1 minute*.

2. Higher productivity 
Imagine the indirect cost like getting a dispatch staff to travel to and fro not forgetting the waiting time.

3. Secure Print
Confidential document is well control if printed in house instead of outsourcing printing.

The benefits of outsource printing:

1. Pay per print
No cost incurred to buy or lease a wide format printing device.

2. Piece of Mind
This applicable to AEC companies that have inconsistency high volume printing demand. The commercial printers will take care of the problem**.

* Benchmark based on Canon iPF605 & iPF650 performance in A1 CAD printing at normal mode.

** As the wide format plotters price has become so affordable, most of the AEC firms have their own large format printers, when volume surges, they will pass on the excess volume to the commercial printers.

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