Monday, January 12, 2009

The VJ1510- A compliment for Videojet Excel series?

During the quarter 4 of 2008, all the distributors of Videojet Inc. were delighted because the new pump driven and mobile CIJ, VJ1510 is made available for them to market at the respective region.

You may be asking that a pump driven and mobile CIJ is nothing new, why were they so excited?

Yes. You’re right that this is nothing new. In fact the VJ1510 has got nothing to shout about. But, this is probably the first pump driven and mobile CIJ that these channel partners of Videojet Inc. are authorised to sell.

These channel partners of Videojet are all these while selling the air driven Excel series and 37 series. Even after the merger of Videojet with Willett, Videojet is maintaining dual-channel where the Videojet channel is selling the air driven CIJs while the Willett channel is pushing the pump driven CIJs like Videojet 43s, Videojet 46s, Willett 430 and etc.

The VJ1510 is positioned as a high end CIJ where the price level is above the Videojet Excel 170i, Videojet 43s and VJ1310. But considering the actual requirement of the CIJ marking and coding application, the feature of VJ1510 is way above market expectation, so does the cost of machine.

The question of mine is if the Videojet Excel series is phasing out? Or the VJ1510 is just a compliment to the Videojet Excel series product line up? Will it end up like the Videojet IPro series? The times will tell...


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