Sunday, December 18, 2016

Media cost calculation for Canon iPF PRO540 in per square foot or per square meter

One of my blog reader wrote in to enquire on the media cost calculation for the Canon iPF PRO540 that he newly invested.

I told the reader to use the Accounting Function from the Canon iPF print driver to calculate but he insisted to learn the way to calculate media cost only in per square foot as well as per square meter.
Canon iPF PRO540

The new owner of the Canon iPF Pro540 is operating a fast print shop (print services provider). He mentioned that able to calculate various media cost in term of per square foot or per square meter is very helpful for him to quote customers that has various media requirements.

A roll of Matte Vinyl Sticker, 24inches x 30m, MYR210 per roll.

Cost per square foot calculation:

Width: 24inches = 2foot
Length: 30m = 98.43foot

1 roll of 24inches x 30m Matte Vinyl Sticker contains 2 x 98.43 square foot
= 196.86 square foot

Cost per square foot
= RM210/196.86 square foot
= RM1.07 per square foot

Cost per square meter:
Width: 24inches = 0.61meter
Length: 30meter

1 roll of 24inches x 30m Matte Vinyl Sticker contains 0.61 x 30 square meter
= 18.3 square meter

Cost per square meter
= RM210/18.3 square meter
= RM11.48 per square meter

*The above costing does not include media wastage.


Khai Fotoatelier said...

how to check for ink usage?

Marco said...

Hi Khai Fotoatelier, you can check the ink usage from the Accounting Function under the printer driver.

Please read below for details


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