Friday, March 29, 2013

HP Designjet T520 series vs HP Designjet 510 series

I was so excited when I got to know that HP is introducing the new series of large format inkjet printer, the Designjet T120 and T520 series in quarter 3 of 2012.
HP Designjet 510

I have very high expectations on the DJ T520 series. It is because the DJ 510 series has been the classic models among the HP Designjet series. I suppose its successors, T520 series will be superb in term of productivity, reliability and cost effectiveness.

But the reality is at opposite side. The HP Designjet T120 and T520 series are merely a "Disposable" wide format printer. It is more appropriate be named as HP Deskjet T120 or HP Deskjet T520 series.

HP Designjet T520 series

The physical outlook of the HP Designjet T520 series is just a enlarged version of HP Deskjet or Canon Pixma printer. The common specifications of this DJ T520 as compared to the HP Deskjet and Canon Pixma printer is as below:

  1. Built by short life span materials (not expected to last long, consumer or household IT products)
  2. WiFi connectivity
  3. Not much improvement in file processing and printing speed as especially at quality mode.
  4. Very high ink consumption
  5. Small ink cartridge volume that comes in 29ml for color and 38 or 80ml for black ink (cost per ml is very high)
According to a veteran wide format printing consultant, the HP Designjet T520 series is suitable for users that print 30 pages or less A1 drawing per month.

In short, if you are a HP Designjet 510 series users, forget to replace the existing unit with the DJ520, just live with the DJ510 or consider the DJ T790 series or Canon iPF series.


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