Friday, April 04, 2008

The Videojet Excel Series

The Videojet Excel series has been introduced to the market since 1980s. The Excel series has been dominating the ink jet line for decades till now.

The first Videojet Excel model was Videojet Excel 10, followed by Excel 100 and Excel P (pigmented ink jet printer).

The Videojet Excel 100 was once the best selling CIJ in the world until it was replaced by Videojet Excel 170i (XL170i). The Excel 170i has continued to be the best selling model even after the merger between Willett and Videojet.

Besides Videojet Excel 170i which is versatile and flexible in meetings most of the marking and coding requirements, they are other Excel model that compliments the Videojet Excel 170i; which in a way there are cater for some niche or special applications while providing the quality and durability of the Excel series.

1. Videojet Excel HR (High Resolution) - With the 36 micron nozzle size, it is best for small character marking application.
2. Videojet Excel UHS (Ultra High Speed) - The name has self explained it function, it is for high speed marking application.
3. Videojet Excel 2000/ 2000 Opaque– Replacement for Excel P, first IP65 printer in Excel series.
4. Videojet Excel DN (Dual Nozzle) – The latest in Excel series, the only rival for Imaje twin nozzle CIJ (Imaje 9030).

Videojet Excel series is the longest existed series in the CIJ market, thus many of its rival are commenting that the Excel printer is an old technology inkjet printer. Further from this, the confusion made is the air driven technology is old technology.

Videojet Excel 170i is still the best option for most of the marking and coding applications, unless the application involves various graphics, multiple fonts and frequent changing in setting parameters.

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