Monday, April 21, 2008

The Last Videojet Excel 10

One of the users of the Videojet Excel 10 had decided to keep the unit as spare unit after the capital expenditure for the Videojet Excel 170i has been approved.

The user is satisfied with the long service of the Videojet Excel 10, but due to aging, the Videojet Excel 10 that has been serving the organization for more than 2 decades was giving some maintenance issues recently.

The Videojet Excel 10 will be flushed and keep in store as spare. Some snap shots have been taken to share in this inkjet website.

Generally the hydraulic (ink and make-up fluids) compartment, pneumatic compartment and electronic compartments are generic as compared to the latest Videojet Excel series.

After in operation for more than 20 years, the Videojet Excel 10 still delivers superb print quality.

Probably this unit is the last Videojet Excel 10 that still in good condition in this world.


Adrian said...

Hi, first of all, compliment on your blog, well excellent info on the marking & coding.

Im looking for a small ink jet printer. I previously saw one in HK exhibition, brand Wilett.

We just need something simple, that dont have to install with the machine, but easily use by hand.

Do you have anything that suit me? email me then,
Cheers again

Marco said...

Hi Adrian,
I believe you are looking for a inkjet printer which is small in size and able to be move around easily, am I right?

The Willett 43s or 430 will meet your purpose. Willett 43s is branded as Videojet 43s in some country.

You may also consider Hitachi PB, Linx 4900. Call all of them up for demo and evaluate the consumables consumption, cost per print, service rate and last but not least the respond time.

I am not sure what does it mean by use by hand. Maybe you can elaborate further.


Anonymous said...

This isn't a "true" Excel 10. The motherboard has been upgraded from the original Version 4 mainboard, so it may be running 170i software. You can tell by the 9v memory battery, on the lower left of the board. Version 4 boards used a 3-pin coin-cell, located at the lower right-of-center on the board.


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