Sunday, March 23, 2008

CIJ Industrial Inkjet Printer- Size Does Matter?

I was on top of an aseptic beverage filling machine platform last week to perform some jobs regarding pipeline in food processing.

Looking down from the platform, there are 3 units of Domino A200 CIJ (continuous ink jet) printer. To my surprise, they looked extremely bulky from the top view. Domino A series is anytime more bulky than the Videojet masterpiece, the Videojet Excel series.

Surprisingly I heard nobody complain on Domino printer size, but Videojet both Excel and 37 series were been commented on their size during my previous career in inkjet business.

As an engineer, I always reasons things based on logical facts. Domino A series and Videojet Excel series inkjet printers are designed at bigger size were definitely backed by certain reasons.

For instant, one of the advantage of Videojet 37 series and Excel series are all the parts of the printers are easily accessible, hence maintenance friendly is the strength. Besides, it also offers very good air ventilation in the system; hence we seldom heard Videojet burned due to overheated, well this means safety also.

What do you think? Is size really a matter to you?

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Teddy said...

Printer ink is becoming more and like gasoline pricier by the second.. It also seems that my printer ink just doesn't last as long as it used... perhaps this is deliberate... I don't know but with the amount of times I print things out I riffle through it. If you're into ink this site has great selection and a new catridge won't put your in poor house - Now I'm wondering about industrial ink and how that holds up? Perhaps you'll know more. Does it last longer than my crummy one at home? ?


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