Friday, February 10, 2017

A guide to choose the right large format MFP

It has been awhile, since the debut of affordable large format multifunction printer, namely HP Designjet T830 and follow with Canon iPF770MFP (iPF771MFP in certain Asia regions) and Canon iPF670MFP (iPF671MFP in certain Asia regions), the criteria of selection has diverted from the printer true performance and user friendliness assessment to specifications comparisons. 

The potential buyers these days seldom evaluate good quality printers like HP Design T930, T790, or Canon iPF831, iPF780 (iPF781) and iPF785 (iPF786) because the focus has shifted to the add-on large format scanner or the integrated scanner.

Users need to understand their requirements before starting to shop for plotters or large format MFPs.

Are you looking for a plotter or technical document scanner or large format MFP?

This can be determined by needs evaluations.
1. Printing volume  (light, medium, heavy)
2. Scanning and copying requirement (not required, optional, rare, mandatory)

Some guideline for users looking for large format MFPs as below

1. HP Designjet T830
for light printing volume with optional or rare scanning requirements.

2. Canon iPF670+L24 or iPF770+L36 MFP
for light to medium print volume with optional and rare scanning requirements

3. Hp Designjet T2530 MFP or Hp Designjet T3500 MFP or Canon iPF771+M40 MFP
for medium print volume with optional or rare scanning requirements

4. Hp Designjet T1200 MFP Canon iPF781+M40 MFP or Canon iPF786+M40 MFP
for medium print volume with mandatory scanning requirements

5. Canon iPF831+M40 MFP or Canon iPF841+M40 MFP
for heavy print volume with mandatory scanning requirements

In short, the selection criteria is very much depends on the users operating requirements.
Hope the above article is helpful in guiding the readers on large format MFPs selection.

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