Monday, April 25, 2011

HP Designjet T770 (24”) & HP Designjet 500plus (24”) vs. Canon iPF650 & Canon iPF605 Case Study - M&E Application

The customer is an M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) consulting firm located at IOI Business Park, Puchong Jaya, Selangor.
IOI Business Park, Puchong

Below are the customer requirements:
1. Up to A1 size engineering drawing printing.
2. Network (LAN) ready for workgroup environment.
3. Small printer size due to limited space at corporate office environment.

The customer was comparing between these A1 size large format printer models:
1. Canon iPF605 (24”)
2. Canon iPF650 (24”)
3. HP Designjet 500plus (24”)
4. HP Designjet T770 (24”)

Based on the requirements above, HP Designjet 500plus was the first model that was filtered out for further consideration due to the additional cost for network card, printer stand & basket.

Canon iPF605, iPF650 and HP Designjet T770 have been short listed for further evaluation. All these 3 models are able to meet the user requirements as listed above. After visiting to both Canon & HP vendors showroom for demonstrations, the customer has dropped out HP Designjet T770 (24”) due to the slower data processing speed and bulky printer dimension as compared to both Canon iPF650 and Canon iPF605.

Now, the consideration is further narrow down to Canon iPF650 vs Canon iPF605. It is a difficult decision because both models are equipped with L-COA processor (Sort of print server for digital copier or multi-function printer) and they are equally small in size as well.

At last, the customer has opted for Canon iPF650 over Canon iPF605 due to the reasons as below:
1. Sub-ink tanks for iPF650
2. Accounting functions that enables users to track the print cost (paper + ink usage).
3. Industrial grade rotary cutter.
4. User friendly paper handling design.

Canon iPF650 is suitable for offices that have limited space

The front access design (paper roll, ink tanks, control panel) has enabled Canon iPF650 to be squeezed in a small corner hence is perfect for tight working space environment.

Canon iPF650 can be pushed all the way flush against the wall

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