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HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605 Review – Functionality Comparison

Lately I have been receiving many enquiries from my blog readers asking me to make a comparison between HP Designjet 111 and Canon iPF605 A1 size large format printer. My standard answer to them is they shall not compare HP Designjet 111 with Canon iPF605 as both models are very different in term of its target market and versatility as HP Designjet 111 is a low end plotter while Canon iPF605 is a medium end large format printer.

HP Designjet 111 (A1 wide format printer)
But due to the procurement policies of the companies, the buyers need to compare at least 2 brands and make comparison for the decision justification, hence even though it is not an apple to apple comparison, as long as the price between these 2 models are at the same range, a comparison is mandatory.

Canon iPF605 A1 Size Large Format Printer

Why HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605?
The users’ requirements in common are as below:
  1. Maximum print size: A1
  2. Print volume: Approximately 100pcs a month
  3. Workgroup size: 1-3 users
  4. Media: Plain paper, occasionally coated papers.
  5. Budget: As low as possible 

Based on the above requirements, HP Designjet 111 will be the answer. But due to the procurement policies, the buyers need to search for an alternate brand (which is only Canon iPF) for comparison, the Canon iPF605 has come to the picture.

Why Canon iPF605?
Canon iPF605 is the lowest end A1 size large format printer among the Canon iPF series.  The rationale of the buyers are they are comparing the lowest price A1 plotter from HP Designjet series with the lowest price A1 plotter from Canon iPF series.

Canon iPF 5-color series full line up

HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605 – Functionality Comparison

A1 CAD Drawing Print Speed on Plain Paper:
HP Designjet 111: 90sec (Draft mode)
Canon iPF605: 33sec (Draft mode)

A1 Graphic Full Color Print Speed on Coated Paper:
HP Designjet 111: 21.5min (Best mode)
Canon iPF605: 5.5min (Highest mode)

Roll Paper Feeding: Paper Roll is more economical and productive as compared with sheet from paper
HP Designjet 111:  Optional
Canon iPF605: Standard complete with rotary cutter

Network Connectivity (LAN):
HP Designjet 111:  Option
Canon iPF605: Standard

Printer Stand & Basket:
HP Designjet 111:  Optional
Canon iPF605: Standard

Ink tank volume:
HP Designjet 111:  69ml (Black) & 28ml (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Canon iPF605: 130ml (Matte Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

Warranty (Malaysia market):
HP Designjet 111:  1-year in-house warranty
Canon iPF605: 3-year on-site warranty

It is very obvious that Canon iPF605 vs HP Designjet 111 is not an apple-to-apple comparison. In fact, the comparison shall be made between Canon iPF605 vs HP Designjet T770/24”.

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