Thursday, January 14, 2010

Large Format Printer - Size Does Matter?

Office space has become an expensive resources as the office rental rate is rising drastically especially in developed cities like London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow and etc.

In Malaysia, the monthly rental rate for prime offices in  Kuala Lumpur City Centre is at MYR 62 to MYR 86 (USD 18.50 to USD  25.67) per square meter. A unit of A0 size large format printer or wide format printer (plotter) is occupying approximately 1.3 meter square, hence the cost of office rental for a unit of plotter per month will be at approximately MYR 115 (USD 34.33) per month.

A part from the rental cost, the printer width is also playing an important part while selecting a large format plotter as it is always an challenging task to find a space to fit in a plotter that need almost 2 meter length for installation.

The Canon iPF650 A1 size plotter with printer width at less than 1 meter (997mm) can be easily installed in small office where space is limited.

In short, a part from comparing the plotter print speed, specifications and running cost, hidden cost such as office space occupancy which is printer size in term of width and footprint should be put into consideration especially for users in prime office area and project site office where space is limited.

Printer Width comparison between Canon iPF650 (A1 size plotter), iPF750 (A0 size plotter), iPF710 (A0 size plotter) and HP Designjet T1100 (A1 and A0 size plotters).

Have you ever consider printer's footprint (office rental rate per square meter) as part of the total cost of ownership and printer width as part of the office ergonomics feature?

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