Thursday, February 12, 2009

Large format printers for copy centres

What are the large format printing services that the consumers are expecting? Basically, the services are as below:

1. Plan printing and copying (black & white, color)
2. CAD plotting.
3. Architectural drawings.
4. Posters printing.
5. Photos printing.

By knowing the market expectations, it is not difficult for the copy centres business owner to choose the right large format printers.

Ideally, a unit of Canon iPF810 (5-color) and a unit of Canon iPF8100 (12-color) are the complete solution to cope with the market requirement. The Canon iPF810 (44”) is the answer for both high quality and high speed for CAD, GIS and 3D printing applications. The Canon imagePROGRAF is still one of the highest speed wide format printers which able to print A1 and A0 size in draft mode in approximately 25 seconds and 56 seconds respectively. In short, the Canon iPF810 is the answer for plan printing and copying (both black & white and color), CAD plotting and architectural drawings.

Posters and photos printing applications are falls under Canon iPF8100 territory. The 12-color Canon imagePROGRAF series (Canon iPF8100, 44” and Canon iPF9100, 60”) is delivering superb print quality by the 2400dpi high resolution output. With the unique feature that measures the concentration change in printed patch chart using the internal processor and adapts by creating collection table based on the concentration characteristic readings. This can reduce the variation that can occur when using multiple printers and achieves dependable color reproduction.

High capacity ink tanks (ink cartridges) in 700ml are available for both Canon iPF810 and iPF8100. This enable the copy centres to be cost competitive as you are paying for inks instead of the packaging of ink cartridges.

Canon iPF810 has been replaced by iPF815
Canon iPF8100 has been replaced by iPF8410
Canon iPF9100 has been replaced by iPF9410

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