Sunday, February 10, 2008

Imaje Crayon (previous version)

The previous version Imaje Crayon large character inkjet printer is one of the most popular carton printer in the market.

In South East Asia region, the Imaje Crayon installed base could be as large as its rival Marsh Unicorn.

The outlook of this Imaje Crayon printer looks very similar to Marsh Unicorn, in fact, both of these models were manufactured by Marsh.

A few years after Videojet acquired Marsh company, Imaje has discontinued this model and the latest Crayon was launched.

To inkjet users who still have the previous version of Imaje Crayon carton printer, alternately you could engage Marsh authorized distributors to for technical assistance.

To enhance the operating cost in term of cost per print, it is wise to upgrade the unit with ink system (reservoir) because purchase ink in bulk form (normally in 5 gallons drum) will have significant savings as compared to getting ink supplies in cartridge form.

It would be even better if the ink system is equipped with ink low alarm which would trigger upon ink level falls below certain preset level.

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