Saturday, July 06, 2013

HP Designjet T520 vs Canon iPF750 Comprehensive Review & Comparison

HP Designjet T520 vs Canon iPF750 is not an apple to apple comparison.
In fact, HP Designjet T520 is a lower end inkjet wide format printer if compared with the HP Designjet 510 or 500 series.

If you have read my previous post on HP Designjet T520 vs Canon iPF605, and convinced that Canon iPF605 is a much superior LFP as compared with the HP Designjet T520, you may just want to skip this video because Canon iPF750 (A0) and Canon iPF650 (A1) is as higher grade LFP as compared with Canon iPF605 (A1).

Many IT retailers and computer shops are proposing the HP Designjet T120 and T520 series to their customers because of the price. If you are looking for a A1 size printer, they will propose to you a HP Designjet T520 or T120 or Canon iPF605. If you are asking for a A0 size printer, the option given will be only HP Designjet T520.

Why? Because they only consider the face value of a products like specifications and price. 
The actual fact is there are more than price and specifications when come to technical documents printing. Just to name a few:

Print Quality
Printing Cost
Productivity on continuous printings especially under workgroup environment.
Ergonomics & User Friendliness
After sales service & warranty period

If technical documents (CAD) printing is important to you, insists a Canon iPF750 or a HP Designjet T790 and above.


Anonymous said...

thanks alot for this. i definitely know what im gonna get now.

mark rowan said...

Large format printer basically used to print banners,posters etc. Large format printers over the 100" mark may called Super-Wide format.


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