Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canon iPF9300 & iPF9300S to make debut by mid-2012

Canon iPF8300 & iPF6300
Canon iPF6300 & iPF8300 were introduced to the market since quarter 3, 2010. Subsequently the 8-color line-up of Canon iPF S series has upgraded the Canon iPF6000S & iPF8000S to Canon iPF6300S & iPF8300S in quarter 2, 2011.

Canon iPF9100
 What happens to the iPF5100, iPF9100 and iPF9000S? 
In the market, many of the 17" and 60" wide format printers buyers are holding on in acquiring a new printer until the iPF5300, iPF9300 and iPF9300S are made available to the market by Canon Inc.

HP Designjet Z6200
Professional Photography & Graphic Design users have already recognized the improvement of the Lucia EX pigmented ink technologies that provides high color consistency and stability with much wider color gamut as compared to the previous version of Lucia pigmented ink technology.

Epson Stylus Pro 11880
The users wanted to own a 17" and 60" large format printer that deliver finest print quality as per the Canon iPF6300 and iPF8300. They are not willing to compromise in the printing quality by taking up the Canon iPF5100, iPF9100, HP Designjet Z6200, Z5200, Z3200, Z2100 and Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, 9900 & 11880.

According to the reliable source,  the long wait of Canon iPF9300 & iPF9300S will be over in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Effective Inventory Control Method for Large Format Printer Users

Recently, I have received some emails inquiries from large format printers users on stock availability of certain large format printer consumable items at their location. For example, there is an email inquiry from a Canon iPF6300 user who urgently needed a PFI-105GY (grey color ink cartridge) on Saturday. Two days later, another user of Canon iPF9100 is looking for immediate supply of PFI-701R (Red color ink cartridge).

Canon iPF8300 (12-color) 44" Large Format Printer
These phenomenons have signaled both good and bad news. The good news is none of these inquiries (not limited to the above 2 examples) are looking for consumables for CAD plotting applications. One of the objectives for me to create this blog is to make known to large format printers users on where to buy large format printers' consumables such as ink cartridges, maintenance cartridges, print heads and papers. As compared to the past (year 2008 and before), most of the users have started to keep some buffer stock and know where to locate the nearest resellers.

The bad news is the large format users in graphic arts industry (mostly uses 12-color LFP such as Canon  iPF6300, iPF8300, iPF9100, HP Designjet Z3200, Epson Stylus Pro 4885) are still facing challenges in effective inventory control on the large format printer consumable items.

Effective Inventory Control Method for Large Format Printer Users

First of all, the users must identify the consumable items that are needed to be in the monitoring list of the inventory control system. For example, if you are a Canon iPF6300, you need to keep the followings:
PFI-105 ink cartridges

1. Ink Cartridge (12 color PFI-105 ink tanks)
2. Maintenance Cartridge (MC-16)
3. Printhead (PF-05)
4. Paper rolls (Satin, Glossy, Fine Arts, Canvas, etc)

Read below post for details.

Impelenting The 1+1 Inventory Control System

The is a very simple and easy system to follow.
1+1 => 1set of consumables installed at the printer + 1set of spare consumables at store

For example, when the red color ink cartridge at the printer is empty, the user is going to replace a new ink cartridge. Thus, the red ink cartridge at the store is utilized. When such event taken place, user shall immediately place an order with the vendor. This will allows approximately 2 weeks lead time until the same color is running out again.

Bear in mind that the printer needs all the 12-color ink tanks to operate, any color running out will cause unwanted operation downtime. If the users face challenge in keeping track the inventory level of these 12-color ink cartridges, similar challenges will be faced by the vendors in fulfilling the market demand.

Effective inventory control will not only help the users to boost up the productivity, but cut down unnecessary cost like adhoc ordering, and urgent delivery cost.


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