Monday, March 09, 2009

Canon EOS Experience Seminar at Ipoh, 2008

Canon EOS Experience Seminar is not something new for many Malaysian photography enthusiasts. This event is normally takes place in a hotel’s hall with a mini studio setup for portrait shooting. As usual, you will be able to witness how professional portrait is being captured, preview and direct print via the Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer.

In the past, Canon iPF5000 (17”) was featured for demonstration of large format printing at the seminar. This round, the award winning Canon iPF6100 (24”) was displayed at the EOS Experience Seminar at Ipoh in conjunction with the pre-launch preview of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
Breathtaking photos (especially portraits) were displayed at the seminar hall allowing participants to review before the seminar start and during the tea break time. Most of them were the print-outs of Canon iPF5000 and Canon iPF5100.

Besides photos, full set of Canon EOS lens were displayed for testing.

Main speaker, Kaz Chua was presenting the proper techniques of portrait shooting with Canon EOS Digital SLR. (The Canon iPF6100 was placed in-front of the stage)

After all the theory, there was a photo shooting contest. 3 models were posing at both indoor and outdoor of the Heritages hotel for the participants to take the best shots. All 3 models were on sexy dressings with high heels. Their seductive poses had been non-stop capturing by all the digital SLRs for almost 90 minutes.
(All of them are Ipoh girls, and Ipoh girls are well known with the fair skin and sweet look.)

After the lunch break, it is the demonstration of portrait taking from Kaz Chua. A professional model with bridal dressing was on stage, it's show time.

Pictures taken were preview on-screen. Contrast was adjusted and yes, it is ready to send print now. (No touch-up)

The beautiful portrait was printing by the Canon iPF6100. Be patient, it just take a little while.

The lady model was showing the large format print-out on stage. (Looks like Amber Chia yeah?)

James Khor, Managing Director of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd was explaining on the technique to setup a large format printer for excellent quality printing.

The show end at around 5:00pm and all the portraits of the Amber Chia look-alike model all went missing.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Similarity between Canon imagePROGRAF in large format inkjet printer and Hitachi PX inkjet printer in continuous inkjet printer

There are a few similar characteristics of between Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer (LFP) and Hitachi PX continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) in term of product marketing and positioning.

1. Late comers to the respective competing markets
Hitachi CIJ printer was introduced way after CIJ giant like Videojet, Imaje, Linx and Domino were dominating the industrial marking and coding market. Similarly, Canon large format printer was introduced decades after HP conquered the CAD and GIS market while Epson was so well-known in color proofing and photography market.

2. Versatility of the product in meeting multiple applications expectations
Hitachi uses the PB model to compete in 2 lines application while its PX-R model to compete with models like Videojet Excel 170i, Excel 2000, Excel UHS (Ultra High Speed) and to the extend of challenging the Videojet 43s, Videojet 46s as well as Videojet IPro and Videojet IPro XHS.

Canon iPF710 is competing with HP Designjet 500 series, HP Designjet T610, HP Designjet T1100 as well as HP Designjet 4000 until the launch of Canon iPF810 and iPF820 that cater for high end CAD market.

3. Challenging the market leaders
Hitachi inkjet printer has established its installed base where it become no.2 in most of the regions within 5 years and declared as no.1 in most of the region at this moment.

Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer is well-known with its printing speed and line accuracy. It has earned its reputation as well as registered remarkable market share in most of the regions. According to the market research information, Canon iPF large format printer is growing out pace the market size growth.


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