Saturday, April 30, 2016

Canon iPF771 vs HP Designjet T520 Comparisons & Reviews for Purchasers

Printing and scanning of technical CAD drawings has become very affordable. Unlike in the past, most of the drawings were outsource to fast print shops.

It is common for Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies to have multiple large format printers or even multi-functions large format printers for in-house printing and scanning requirements.

These AEC or manufacturing companies are designing, constructing or manufacturing projects or products that worth multi-millions to multi-billions dollars. But when comes to selecting a right printer to purchase, which cost as low as USD2000, most of the purchasers are comparing the price instead of the productivity of the printer that has great impact to the project team.

When the purchasers sounded very cost conscious, for example the requirement is A0 size CAD printing, the suppliers will normally quote the most affordable models from 2 very reputable brand, which is Canon imagePROGRAF iPF771 (labelled as iPF770 in some other regions) and HP Designjet T520.

Below is the comparisons for readers reference.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

HP Designet T830 MFP, Canon iPF771M MFP & Canon iPF671M MFP

The multi-functions wide format printer is getting more popular recently. Both major manufacturers of wide format printers are introducing their new range of multi-functions wide format printers in the beginning 2016.

HP introduced the low end multi-functions printer, HP T830 where the scanning unit is built in with the printer.

HP Designjet T830 MFP

Canon introduced the medium end multi-functions printer, Canon iPF771M (A0 size) and Canon iPF671M (A1 size) multi-functions printers where the printer and scanner are separated as 2 devices. In some other regions, they are known as Canon iPF770M and Canon iPF670M.

Canon iPF671M MFP & iPF771M MFP

Now, the users are having multiple choice of large format MFPs. Below is the summary for easy reference:

High End 
1. HP Designjet SD stand alone scanner
2. Canon M40 scanner
Both high end MFP are adding scanner unit to the printers for HP and Canon.

Medium End
1. HP Designjet T2530 MFP (Built-in Scanner)
2. Canon iPF771M MFP (separate unit like Canon M40 or HP Designjet SD scanner)
3. Canon iPF671M MFP (separate unit like Canon M40 or HP Designjet SD scanner)

Low End
1. HP Designjet T830 (Built-in Scanner)

Personally I recommend users to opt for wide format MFP systems that are made up of printer and scanner instead of those built in scanning unit system. It is due to the clear differences in term of scanning  and post scanning editing performance as well as the total cost of ownership.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Canon iPF781, iPF786 & iPF681 Product Video

The fastest plotter has become faster.

The new Canon iPF681, iPF781 & iPF786 has been introduced in Asia region to replace the Canon iPF650, iPF760 & iPF765. 

The new models has improved significantly on areas as below:
  1. Printer speed, >10% faster
  2. More economical printing with 300ml ink cartridge option
  3. More vibrant color
  4. Improve connectivity with Clouds

Kindly view product video below for better idea.

*Note: Canon iPF780/iPF781/iPF680 is similar to Canon iPF781/iPF786/iPF681. The product naming is different due to different region.



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