Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2011/S2320/S2520 Toner Cartridge Original versus Imitation Comparison

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2011/S2320/S2520 is one of the world most popular multi-functions printer series.

Due to the high demand of the post sales consumables supplies, there are some illegal toner cartridges manufacturers are producing the imitation and sold at original price.

Below are 10 guides on how to differentiate the original against the imitation.

1. FX DC S2011/S2320/S2520 Carton box with toner weight
Weight at 620gram

Weight at 590gram. The carton box is print quality is equally good as compared to original.

2. Expiry date matching between carton box against the toner cartridge

3. FX DC S2011/S2320/S2520 Toner Cartridge weight


490gram, lighter than original
4. Hologram

Xerox Sphere lines are visible
Xerox Sphere lines are not visible

5. Embossed Fuji Xerox Logo
The embossed is raised higher and form more visible shape

Embossed quality is far behind if compared with original

6. Mechanical Key/ Latch

"B" is marked at the mechanical key/latch
No character marking on imitation

7. The warning label at FX DC S2011/S2320/S2520 toner cartridge

Original: the white color indicator at the label is parallel with the pin at the toner cartridge

8. PP side cover
Compare the thickness, color and the logo design. Very visible differences

9. FX DC S2011/S2320/S2520 toner cartridge case (side)

The side of the toner cartridge case. The original has very smooth and clean surface finishing.
10. Carton packaging die cut quality
Die cut quality is clean and neat for original.

The above 10 areas for readers to spot the differences between original and imitation. If you found that your FX DC S2011, S2320 or S2520 print quality has dropped after toner cartridge replacement, it worth to make some inspection with the above guidance.

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