Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Canon iPF750 CAD drawing water resistance test

"Is the printing water proof?"
"Will the ink smudge when my technical documents caught by rain water?"
"How to prevent the CAD drawings from smearing in the rain?"
"I am looking for a wide format printer that produces water and smudge-resistant drawings."

Sounds familiar with the above questions?

A test was being carried in view of the above concerns or FAQs.
Printer brand & model: Canon iPF750
Ink Technology: Canon 5-color dye reactive ink*
*(Canon iPF605, iPF650, iPF655, iPF750, iPF755, iPF760 & iPF765)
Media: 80gram A1 size plain paper

We found the ink did not smear under the condition of soaking into the running water basin. The lines are still clearly visible with no sign of smearing until the paper was tear apart.

Please see video below for details.

In short, the Canon iPF 5-color series running on PFI-102, PFI-104 ink cartridges is capable to produce water resistance technical documents on plain paper. What it takes is just a few simple settings at the printer driver.

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