Saturday, July 26, 2008

The obsolescence of Videojet 37 series

Videojet Inc. has made the decision to phase out the Videojet 37 series, one of the best selling CIJ model in Asia region.

This is a wise direction indeed as inkjet market has become more and more competitive nowadays. For example, Imaje 9020 which is the entry level model of its CIJ range is offering 4 lines print. Hitachi PX-R, a very versatile 4 lines print CIJ is offering at very attractive price level.

In 2 years back, I still remembered that I have negotiated with Videojet Inc. to offer us Videojet 37 Plus at Videojet 37e price as Videojet 37 Plus is more versatile for the applications requirements as well as more competitive while compared with other 2 lines model like Imaje S7 Prima, Hitachi PB and Domino A100.

The new product positioning of Videojet channel would be replacing Videojet 37 series position with Videojet Excel 170i, and Videojet Excel 2000 would be taking over position of Videojet Excel 170i. Lastly, the new VJ1510 (5 lines print) will be positioned at highest end CIJ range.

I believe the obsolescence of Videojet 37 series is a positive move for Videojet sales channel in the long term prospective.

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