Thursday, March 30, 2006

2 Lines Marking on Food Packaging


This manufacturer and packager potato products is using stamp pad to mark their coated Aluminum covers for food packaging. This is because early tests with competitive ink jet equipment were unsuccessful due to high maintenance.

The requirement of this application is printing of product manufacturing date and expiry date. The customer is expecting minimal investment that would able to meet their requirements which are user friendly, clear print quality, low cost per print and low maintenance system.

Using Videojet 37e, the application engineer saw an opportunity to propose a solution. Ink selection would be critical to proving out this application. 16-8700 stepped up to the challenge, and answered all the customers' needs. It had decent dry time, good adhesion, provided good reliability and very economic. The production operators have master the keyboard functions of Videojet 37e printer after a 2 hours training. The customer states that the difference between our equipment and the competitors is "unbelievable".

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