Friday, August 22, 2008

Videojet 6210 TTO at Continuous Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Application


The candy manufacturer uses horizontal form-fill-seal (FFS) to pack the chocolate candy. The CIJ Imaje S4 which attached to the packaging machine has broken down, and to repair the internal pump, it costs approximately USD 1450. Due to the high maintenance cost of the aged Imaje S4, the customer has decided to consider a new industrial printer.

The printing requirement is to code the manufacturing date and expiry date on the PE packaging film. This is a continuous form fill seal machine at the speed of 15 to18 meter per minute.

The customer has chosen thermal transfer technology which is best suite the form fill seal packaging application instead of the CIJ technology due to the cost of a basic TTO printer is very competitive now since the launch of Videojet 6210 and Markem S18.

Videojet 6210 has won the deal over Markem S18 simply because the user friendly touch screen as well as the customer satisfied with the existing Videojet Excel 170i which is installed at the labeling line.

To make the installation a successful one, a customized bracket with stainless steel rollers and food grade PU roller was designed in accordance to the horizontal form fill seal machine space as well as the application requirement. A rotary encoder with wheel and bracket is required to syncronized the movement speed of the packaging film to the control unit of VJ6210.

The touch screen panel is installed with consideration of operator eye level to ensure ergonomic of the operation process.

In short, the process has become cleaner, easier and the 300 dpi print quality has also added value to the overall candy packaging quality.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF 810 and iPF 820 (44”) Unofficial Specifications

The Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF 810 and iPF 820 are launching in September 2008. Many large format printer (plotter) users are enquiring about the specifications of these 5-colour large format printers but there is not much information made available to the market at this moment.

Below are the unofficial specifications of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF810 and iPF 820 (44”) for sharing:

1. High speed printing
- 24 sec or less (A1, CAD drawing, plain paper, draft mode. HP DJ 4000/4500: 25 sec per A1)
- Economy printing mode of low running cost
2. Durability of 100,000 prints
3. High capacity ink tank: 330/700 ml, 5 colors, 5 ink tanks
4. Ink tank replace without stopping printing
5. Faster printing via RIP
6. Fast response and startup
7. Improved service

Print Quality
1. High accuracy in CAD printing
- Distance accuracy 0.1% / minimum line width 0.02 mm
- Ruling accuracy 25 ┬Ám
2. Color emulation
3. Sharp and clear reproduction of text and line by dye and pigment reactive ink system

1. Faster speed HDI driver
2. Roll paper preview
3. Print Plug-In for Word

Hard Disk Drive
1. 80GB HDD print job administration
- Enhanced ccomplete elimination level
- Increase of the number of job history
- Increase of the number of Boxes
2. Nesting
3. Auto Rotation
4. Remedy for Memory Overflow

1. Revision of color UI
2. Larger LCD, requiring no manual
3. Usability inherited from iPF8100
4. Standard equipped USB 2.0 and 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX
5. HP-GL/2 and HP RTL support
6. Accessory box added in the left where tank unit is removed

Media feed
1. Double roll feed able up to 44" width (iPF 820 only)
-Double roll auto changeover
-Spindle for both 2" and 3" core
2. High capacity basket, holding up to 20 sheets of plain paper (Standard for iPF 820, optional for iPF 810)
3. Take-up unit (Optional for iPF 810, not available for iPF 820)
4. 1 sheet manual feed from front (A4~A0)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820

Canon Marketing Malaysia will be launching the 5 colours ImagePROGRAF iPF810 and iPF820 44inches large format inkjet printers in September 2008.

In line with the 2 printing shows in Kuala Lumpur which is Sign & Digital Printing 2008 and Print Technology 2008, the first unit of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820 has landed in Malaysia for product preview during the mentioned printing exhibitions.

With the print width of 44”, front paper loading and improved print speed and quality, the iPF810 and iPF820 will be further strengthen the product range of the existing 5 colours range.

The test print of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820 with graphic was done (before ICC calibration) has shown the improved print speed and quality as compared to the iPF710.

More write-ups will be posted upon formal test data is obtained in the future.


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