Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bi-directional Printing with Videojet UHS

I have left the marking & coding industry and this application is my last project. The configuration involve two SARs from Videojet US and one local (Malaysia) SAR. Many applications has been done during my employement in the inkjet line, I will pick and choose some applications which are worth to post on this technical blog (weblog).


The customer need to integrate a non-contact marking device into a existing pharmaceutical manufacturing line.


The existing production uses dot pin ribbon printing to mark production codes on the paper which comes in roll form. This old device has been faced out, thus the customer has to replace it with alternate technology and with the requirements of compliance to the pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements.

Special Requirements

1. The printhead height must be 8 inches or below due to the existing protection setup.

2. The marking window must be very precise with +/- 1mm allowance.

3. High quality print required

4. Need support for the umbilical to ensure it would not touch the paper.


Videojet UHS (Ultra High Speed) was selected because the speed and fine printing (53 micron) is needed. This fulfilled the requirement no. 2.

SAR for 6 inches 90 degree printhead is ordered to meet requirement no. 1 while SAR for 7x9 twinline matrix is needed to achieve the expected printing quality.

Requirement no.4 is the most challenging one where the printhead will need to bend 90 degree (Y-axis) and follow by another bend of 90 degree (X-axis) to prevent the umbilical from touching the paper surface while consideration to the limited installation space. A local developed SAR has been added for the X-axis bend design.

The system has been successfully commissioned and working fine.


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