Thursday, December 21, 2006

Carton Coding with Marsh Unicorn

The customer is in paper converting business.

The customer has to stock up various carton boxes to for all their products which are thermal transfer ribbon, thermal & wood free papers, self-carbonized papers, self-contained papers as well as inkjet & photo papers. The factory is running out of space due to the massive inventory of all type of carton boxes. The goal is to reduce the carton boxes storage space as well as simplify the existing process of production.

To meet both of the requirements of this secondary packaging, a carton printer is needed. Drop on Demand (DOD) technology is the answer for the customer because it provides legible coding as well as easy to integrate to the production line where space is scarce.

Marsh Unicorn is installed on the carton sealer and its prints product SKU codes, batch number, packaging date and serial number of the box while it move pass the sealer. This eliminates the process of manual stamping of variables codes which is practicing in the past.

The spaces that save from the inventory storage is now converted to production area. They are 7 units of Marsh Unicorn installed in this factory and it is still expanding.


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