Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HP Designjet 111 & HP Designjet 510 series (End of Life)

HP Desinjet 111
HP Designjet 111 and HP Designjet 510 series has come to end-of-life stage. The replacement models namely HP Designjet T120 and T520 series are not just another face lift models with minor improvements. The HP Designjet T120 and T520 series has adopted the strengths of HP Designjet T790 series as well as its rival, Canon iPF.
HP Designjet 510 series

The debut of HP Designjet T120 (24") and HP Designjet T520 series (24"/36") is indeed a good news for new users where these new models are definately much productive as compared to the previous generation. But from another angle, the spare parts availability of the existing users of HP Designjet 110, HP Designjet 111, HP Designjet 500 series, HP Designjet 500(Mono) and HP Designjet 510 series is the major concern from the large customer base worldwide especially for users that did not purchase service pack.
Carriage belt

The end of life of the HP Designjet 111 and HP Designjet 510 series is a milestone that indicates that large format printers for technical market have evolved to another level where productivity and connectivity is essential.

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