Thursday, January 13, 2011

HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) vs Canon iPF650 (24-inch) Review – Which LFP model best fit Corporate Office Tower or Boutique Office?

The customer is a fortune 500 company operation office in Malaysia located at PJ8, Petaling Jaya. The nature of business of the company is home appliances manufacturer; a wide format printer is needed to print A1 size layout plan and some M&E drawings for tender or projects purposes.

Corporate Office Tower at PJ8, Petaling Jaya

The buyer has received a proposal of HP Designjet 510 Plus (24-inch) from one of the vendor. In the meantime, the wise buyer had also surf through the website to study the suitable model as per the end user requirements.

HP Designjet 500 Plus (A1 Plotter)
This wide format printer blog had been visited by the said buyer, and an email was sent to me enquiring for the right models for selection.

HP Designjet T770 (A1 Plotter)
In view of the buyer’s company background, operate at a corporate office tower and user requirements, I have proposed the followings:

1. Consideration shall be made between HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) and Canon iPF650 (24-inch)
2. If budget is tight, Canon iPF605 would be a good alternative.
3. HP Designjet 510 Plus is out of the picture as additional cost incurred for printer stand and local area network (LAN) connectivity.

Canon iPF650

I have also suggested the buyer to read the posts from this large format printer blog as below which would help them to widen the angle of evaluation:

The buyer had short listed HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) and Canon iPF650 (24-inch). Below were the comments from the buyer on a few key comparisons made between Canon iPF650 and HP Designjet T770 (24-inch)

CAD drawings print quality Both HP Designjet T770 and Canon iPF650 print quality are excellent on line drawings.

Graphic Arts print qualityThe marketing department of the company would also like to utilise the large format printer for posters printing. The users found that Canon iPF650 is able to produce poster quality print outs within minutes.
HP Designjet T770 needed more time to process the graphic files, drastic slow down in printing speed as compared to its printing speed on CAD drawings.

Ergonomics/ user friendliness
The users like the front loading media rolls feeding system of the Canon iPF650. Unlike HP Designjet T770 that need to be pull out from the wall for accessibility to the printer rear part for paper roll replacement.
The office manager prefers Canon iPF650 due to its small foot print requirement for installation.

Printing cost control
The procurement manager is impressed with the bundled Accounting functions that embedded in the status monitor of Canon iPF650 printer driver.
Even though this additional feature does not contribute to decision making, but it perceived as a very helpful tool by the procurement manager for printing cost estimation and monitoring.

Canon iPF650 is installed at the corner of the corporate office walkway.

At the end of the evaluation, Canon iPF650 has been chosen and the main factor leading to the decision is the small foot print design enabling installation at corporate office tower with limited space.


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