Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canon iPF9300 & iPF9300S to make debut by mid-2012

Canon iPF8300 & iPF6300
Canon iPF6300 & iPF8300 were introduced to the market since quarter 3, 2010. Subsequently the 8-color line-up of Canon iPF S series has upgraded the Canon iPF6000S & iPF8000S to Canon iPF6300S & iPF8300S in quarter 2, 2011.

Canon iPF9100
 What happens to the iPF5100, iPF9100 and iPF9000S? 
In the market, many of the 17" and 60" wide format printers buyers are holding on in acquiring a new printer until the iPF5300, iPF9300 and iPF9300S are made available to the market by Canon Inc.

HP Designjet Z6200
Professional Photography & Graphic Design users have already recognized the improvement of the Lucia EX pigmented ink technologies that provides high color consistency and stability with much wider color gamut as compared to the previous version of Lucia pigmented ink technology.

Epson Stylus Pro 11880
The users wanted to own a 17" and 60" large format printer that deliver finest print quality as per the Canon iPF6300 and iPF8300. They are not willing to compromise in the printing quality by taking up the Canon iPF5100, iPF9100, HP Designjet Z6200, Z5200, Z3200, Z2100 and Epson Stylus Pro 4900, 7900, 9900 & 11880.

According to the reliable source,  the long wait of Canon iPF9300 & iPF9300S will be over in 2012.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Effective Inventory Control Method for Large Format Printer Users

Recently, I have received some emails inquiries from large format printers users on stock availability of certain large format printer consumable items at their location. For example, there is an email inquiry from a Canon iPF6300 user who urgently needed a PFI-105GY (grey color ink cartridge) on Saturday. Two days later, another user of Canon iPF9100 is looking for immediate supply of PFI-701R (Red color ink cartridge).

Canon iPF8300 (12-color) 44" Large Format Printer
These phenomenons have signaled both good and bad news. The good news is none of these inquiries (not limited to the above 2 examples) are looking for consumables for CAD plotting applications. One of the objectives for me to create this blog is to make known to large format printers users on where to buy large format printers' consumables such as ink cartridges, maintenance cartridges, print heads and papers. As compared to the past (year 2008 and before), most of the users have started to keep some buffer stock and know where to locate the nearest resellers.

The bad news is the large format users in graphic arts industry (mostly uses 12-color LFP such as Canon  iPF6300, iPF8300, iPF9100, HP Designjet Z3200, Epson Stylus Pro 4885) are still facing challenges in effective inventory control on the large format printer consumable items.

Effective Inventory Control Method for Large Format Printer Users

First of all, the users must identify the consumable items that are needed to be in the monitoring list of the inventory control system. For example, if you are a Canon iPF6300, you need to keep the followings:
PFI-105 ink cartridges

1. Ink Cartridge (12 color PFI-105 ink tanks)
2. Maintenance Cartridge (MC-16)
3. Printhead (PF-05)
4. Paper rolls (Satin, Glossy, Fine Arts, Canvas, etc)

Read below post for details.

Impelenting The 1+1 Inventory Control System

The is a very simple and easy system to follow.
1+1 => 1set of consumables installed at the printer + 1set of spare consumables at store

For example, when the red color ink cartridge at the printer is empty, the user is going to replace a new ink cartridge. Thus, the red ink cartridge at the store is utilized. When such event taken place, user shall immediately place an order with the vendor. This will allows approximately 2 weeks lead time until the same color is running out again.

Bear in mind that the printer needs all the 12-color ink tanks to operate, any color running out will cause unwanted operation downtime. If the users face challenge in keeping track the inventory level of these 12-color ink cartridges, similar challenges will be faced by the vendors in fulfilling the market demand.

Effective inventory control will not only help the users to boost up the productivity, but cut down unnecessary cost like adhoc ordering, and urgent delivery cost.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Canon iPF5300, iPF9300 & iPF9300S

When will Canon release the new Canon iPF5300 desktop A2 printer?

Canon iPF9100 is still the latest model for Canon iPF 12-color series? When is the launch date for Canon iPF9300?

Why Canon iPF9300S is not launch together with Canon iPF6300S and iPF8300S?

Canon iPF5100 (17-inch) 12-color LFP

The above were the frequent asked questions during the recent IPMEX 2011, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. The latest Canon iPF8300S was making a debut in IPMEX2011, together with Canon iPF6300 and Canon iPF750, visitors were able to witness the print speed and quality of the imagePROGRAF 5, 8 & 12-color series.

I was there for half a day, hanging around the Canon LFP corner, testing the printers with various files and medias. I noticed that many job printers, fast print operators, photo studios operators, and pre-press operators were among the visitors that interested on Canon iPF5300, Canon iPF9300 and Canon iPF9300S.

There is no information reveal from the Canon Malaysia at this moment.  To all my blog readers whom are  having the same questions in mind, please stay tuned, I will definitely make known to you as soon as I received information on the release date of Canon iPF5300, iPF9300 and iPF9300S via this blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HP Designjet T2300 eMFP vs. Canon iPF750 MFP Review

MFP or Multi Function Printer is not something new  in the office equipment or office automation industry. Nowadays, copier is also known as multi function printer. As for large format printer, most of the LED large format printer like Océ Plotwave, Océ Colorwave, Fuji Xerox DocuWide and Ricoh Wide Format Photocopier are a ready built wide format multifunction printer.
Océ Plotwave 300

HP Designjet and Canon imagePROGRAF series are single function large format printer. By adding-on a large format scanner, the entire device will be capable to perform tasks like copy, print, scan & network (depending on the scanner model).

Colortrac Ci40 Large Format Scanner

HP Designjet T2300 eMFP is a breakthrough as a 36-inch scanner is integrated into the printer. But, I still believe that HP Designjet T1200 HD MFP (HP Designjet T1200 + Contex Scanner) or Canon iPF750 MFP (Canon iPF750 + Colotrac Ci40 series) are a better option as compared to HP Designjet T2300 eMFP in term of functionality, reliability and cost effectiveness. 

Below is the video comparing HP Designjet T2300 eMFP vs Canon iPF750 MFP that covers most of the FAQs from the large format printer users.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

IPMEX 2011: Invitation from Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd

IPMEX 2011- International Printing, Paper, Packaging Machinery Exhibition is one of the most prestigious printing show in Malaysia. IPMEX 2011 trade show will be held on 4th August 2011 till 7th August 2011 at PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre) Kuala Lumpur.

I have received an invitation card to attend the IPMEX 2011 exhibition in PWTC from the Business Imaging Solution Division of Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

As a blogger on industrial and commercial printing solutions, IPMEX 2011 is definately one of the must visit event for me.

Below are some key highlights from Canon booth in the coming IPMEX 2011:
1. Debut of Canon imagePRESS 7010VP (Digital Press)
2. Full range of Canon imagePROGRAF series (Large Format Printer- 5, 8 & 12-color)
3. Wedoo Canvas
4. Colorgate Colorproof Solutions Workflow (Color Management)
5. Oce Arizona (Large Format Flatbed Printer- UV Curing)
6. Oce Plotwave & Colorwave

A part from that, key players in the industrial and commercial printing like HP, Ricoh, Fuji Xerox and Epson are participating the IPMEX trade fair with their latest product line up as well.

If you are serious about printing, do not miss out this opportunity.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canon iPF6300, Canon iPF8300, Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & Epson Stylus Pro 9900 are Fogra 39L Certified

Fogra 39L is one of the color proof print certification for color standardization that is widely used in the printing industry. To comply to Forgra 39L requirements especially in packaging industry, the color specialists are recommending the highest end large format printers from Canon imagePROGRAF 12-color series and Epson Stylus Pro 10-color series as the output device as below: 
  • Canon iPF6300 (24-inch)
  • Canon iPF8300 (44-inch)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7900 (24-inch)
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9900 (44-inch)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HP Designjet 510 vs Canon iPF605 (Comprehensive Comparisons - Video)

HP Designjet 510 (24-inch) and Canon iPF605 (24-inch) are among the most popular A1 size wide format printer in Malaysia. Both models are price at the same level, this has cause many buyers facing difficulties in making a purchase decision.

Below is a 14 minutes length video that shows a comprehensive comparisons between HP Designjet 510 & Canon iPF605 as below:
  1. Physical Dimensions - (Do you have problem with the office space?)
  2. Connectivity - (LAN for workgroup or multiple users envinronment or USB for single user office) 
  3. Starter ink volume -  (More ink volume equal to a better deal)
  4. Bundled software
  5. Media (paper roll) loading demostrations
  6. CAD- Line drawing processing & print speed comparisons
  7. CAD- Images drawing processing & print speed comparisons
  8. Graphic arts processing & print speed comparisons
  9. Key features comparisons 

 This video is created by Velmex Distribution

Friday, July 01, 2011

Wide Format Printers at Archidex 2011, KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre)

HP Designjet and Canon imagePROGRAF (iPF) are showcased at Archidex 2011, Kuala Lumpur Convetion Centre ftrom 30th June 2011 till 3rd July 2011. It is a golden opportunity for large format printer buyers to compare and identify which models best suite their needs.



There are 3 participating large format printer partners at Hall 1 with wide format printers models as below:
  1. Plot-tech Services Sdn Bhd - Canon iPF750 MFP (multi function LFP), Canon iPF8300S (New), and Canon iPF610
  2. Compedo - HP Designjet T2300 eMFP
  3. Bits & Bytes Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd - Canon iPF6300S (New)

Canon iPF6300S (24-inch) 8-color Large Formar Printer
A part from reviewing these inkjet printers performance, visitors are able to source for variety of roll medias for applications such as CAD, professional photography, fine arts reproduction, banners, wallpapers, etc at the above vendors' booths.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canon iPF6300S & iPF8300S debut on Archidex 2011

Canon imagePROGRAF S-series 8-color large format inkjet printer is known as a hybrid LFP. The new Canon iPF6300S (24-inch) and iPF8300S (44-inch) wide format printer is capable to print precise CAD technical drawings as well as high quality graphic artworks in stunning speed with lesser ink consumption.

The new imagePROGRAF iPF8300S and iPF6300S will be showcased at the Archidex 2011 by Plot-tech Services Sdn Bhd (Hall 1, Booth 1076 & 1078) and Bits and Bytes Marketing Sdn Bhd (Hall 1, Booth 1035) respectively.

Archidex 2011 is an annual event that allow plotter buyers to compare the printing speed of both HP Designjet and Canon imagePROGRAF. If you would like to witness the printing speed of theses plotters, just bring along your file and test it out at Canon and HP booths. 

Please take notes the followings to ensure fair comparison:
1. Printing time shall consists of processing time, the stop watch shall start counting upon the file is sent (upon Enter key is hit).
2. Booth wide format printers shall loaded with similar media as printing speed are vary depending on media selections. (Example: semi-glossy paper vs semi-glossy paper, or plain paper vs. plain paper).
3. Quality of the print outs. (The manufacturer can easily increase the printing speed by compensating with lower quality print).

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

HP Designjet 510 vs. Canon iPF655 Review - Print Speed Comparison Video

The Canon iPF650 and iPF655 has significantly increase its printing speed as compared to the Canon iPF610.

Under draft mode A1 size plotting, there is approximately 10% increased in printing speed.
iPF650 at 28 seconds (A1 )
iPF610 at 31 seconds (A1)

Please view the Canon iPF655 vs HP DJ510 speed comparison video for details.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Canon iPF750 Reviews & Comparisons

Canon iPF750 is the flagship A0 size large format printer from Canon imagePROGRAF series. Canon iPF750 is suitable for small medium enterprises (SMEs), corporates, site offices, in-house print rooms or managed print services, etc.

Canon iPF750 & iPF755 are continuing the leading position from its predecessors namely Canon iPF710 and Canon iPF720 in the A0 size inkjet large format printer market.

Canon iPF750 (36-inch) large format printer
Specifications & Key Features of Canon iPF750:

Print speed:

1. CAD Drawing: 51 secs per A0 page under draft mode on plain paper
2. Color Images: 6.59min per A0 page under high quality mode on premium glossy paper

Print Quality:
1. Line Accuracy: +/- 0.1%
2. Line width: 0.02 mm
3. Ink Drop Size: 4 pl (C, M, Y, Bk, Mbk)

Standard Interfaces: High-Speed, Ethernet (IPV4/IPV6), etc.

Data Handling:
Processor: L-COA image Processor

Canon iPF750 is suitable for users with requirements as below:
1. Maximum A0 size printing requirement
2. Moderate to high volume (300-2000 pcs per month)
3. Occasionally graphic arts printing requirement
4. Up to 10 users (Workgroup or departmental environment)
5. Office with limited space

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Sunday, May 01, 2011

HP Designjet 111 Reviews & Comparisons

HP Designjet 111 is one of the most common A1 size desktop wide format plotter available in the market. At glance, the performance and specifications of the HP Designjet 111 is as below:

HP Designjet 111 (24-inch) withour roll holder

Print speed (Mechanical printing speed excluding data processing time):
1. CAD Drawing: 90 sec per A1 page under fast (draft) mode
2. Color Images: 21.5min per A1 page under best (fine) mode

Print Quality:
1. Line Accuracy:  +/- 0.2%
2. Line width: 0.04 mm (0.001 in)
3. Ink Drop Size: 4 pl (C, M, Y), 18 pl (K)

Standard Interfaces: Full-Speed USB 1.1, Centronics parallel IEEE-1284 (ECP compliant), EIO Jetdirect accessory slot

HP Designjet 111 (24-inch) with roll holder

Generally, the HP Designjet 111 is suitable for users with requirements as below:
1. Maximum A1 size printing requirement
2. Very low print volume (less than 50pcs per month)
3. Do not or seldom print graphic artwork
4. Single user environment (home office)
5. Limited budget

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Monday, April 25, 2011

HP Designjet T770 (24”) & HP Designjet 500plus (24”) vs. Canon iPF650 & Canon iPF605 Case Study - M&E Application

The customer is an M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) consulting firm located at IOI Business Park, Puchong Jaya, Selangor.
IOI Business Park, Puchong

Below are the customer requirements:
1. Up to A1 size engineering drawing printing.
2. Network (LAN) ready for workgroup environment.
3. Small printer size due to limited space at corporate office environment.

The customer was comparing between these A1 size large format printer models:
1. Canon iPF605 (24”)
2. Canon iPF650 (24”)
3. HP Designjet 500plus (24”)
4. HP Designjet T770 (24”)

Based on the requirements above, HP Designjet 500plus was the first model that was filtered out for further consideration due to the additional cost for network card, printer stand & basket.

Canon iPF605, iPF650 and HP Designjet T770 have been short listed for further evaluation. All these 3 models are able to meet the user requirements as listed above. After visiting to both Canon & HP vendors showroom for demonstrations, the customer has dropped out HP Designjet T770 (24”) due to the slower data processing speed and bulky printer dimension as compared to both Canon iPF650 and Canon iPF605.

Now, the consideration is further narrow down to Canon iPF650 vs Canon iPF605. It is a difficult decision because both models are equipped with L-COA processor (Sort of print server for digital copier or multi-function printer) and they are equally small in size as well.

At last, the customer has opted for Canon iPF650 over Canon iPF605 due to the reasons as below:
1. Sub-ink tanks for iPF650
2. Accounting functions that enables users to track the print cost (paper + ink usage).
3. Industrial grade rotary cutter.
4. User friendly paper handling design.

Canon iPF650 is suitable for offices that have limited space

The front access design (paper roll, ink tanks, control panel) has enabled Canon iPF650 to be squeezed in a small corner hence is perfect for tight working space environment.

Canon iPF650 can be pushed all the way flush against the wall

Thursday, April 14, 2011

HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605 Review – Functionality Comparison

Lately I have been receiving many enquiries from my blog readers asking me to make a comparison between HP Designjet 111 and Canon iPF605 A1 size large format printer. My standard answer to them is they shall not compare HP Designjet 111 with Canon iPF605 as both models are very different in term of its target market and versatility as HP Designjet 111 is a low end plotter while Canon iPF605 is a medium end large format printer.

HP Designjet 111 (A1 wide format printer)
But due to the procurement policies of the companies, the buyers need to compare at least 2 brands and make comparison for the decision justification, hence even though it is not an apple to apple comparison, as long as the price between these 2 models are at the same range, a comparison is mandatory.

Canon iPF605 A1 Size Large Format Printer

Why HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605?
The users’ requirements in common are as below:
  1. Maximum print size: A1
  2. Print volume: Approximately 100pcs a month
  3. Workgroup size: 1-3 users
  4. Media: Plain paper, occasionally coated papers.
  5. Budget: As low as possible 

Based on the above requirements, HP Designjet 111 will be the answer. But due to the procurement policies, the buyers need to search for an alternate brand (which is only Canon iPF) for comparison, the Canon iPF605 has come to the picture.

Why Canon iPF605?
Canon iPF605 is the lowest end A1 size large format printer among the Canon iPF series.  The rationale of the buyers are they are comparing the lowest price A1 plotter from HP Designjet series with the lowest price A1 plotter from Canon iPF series.

Canon iPF 5-color series full line up

HP Designjet 111 vs Canon iPF605 – Functionality Comparison

A1 CAD Drawing Print Speed on Plain Paper:
HP Designjet 111: 90sec (Draft mode)
Canon iPF605: 33sec (Draft mode)

A1 Graphic Full Color Print Speed on Coated Paper:
HP Designjet 111: 21.5min (Best mode)
Canon iPF605: 5.5min (Highest mode)

Roll Paper Feeding: Paper Roll is more economical and productive as compared with sheet from paper
HP Designjet 111:  Optional
Canon iPF605: Standard complete with rotary cutter

Network Connectivity (LAN):
HP Designjet 111:  Option
Canon iPF605: Standard

Printer Stand & Basket:
HP Designjet 111:  Optional
Canon iPF605: Standard

Ink tank volume:
HP Designjet 111:  69ml (Black) & 28ml (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Canon iPF605: 130ml (Matte Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

Warranty (Malaysia market):
HP Designjet 111:  1-year in-house warranty
Canon iPF605: 3-year on-site warranty

It is very obvious that Canon iPF605 vs HP Designjet 111 is not an apple-to-apple comparison. In fact, the comparison shall be made between Canon iPF605 vs HP Designjet T770/24”.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to save money on large format CAD printing?

How to save the wide format printer usage cost?
The above question would be a frequently asked question by business owners and finance managers. It is because cost efficient is one of the most critical elements to ensure a business entity stay competitive.

What are the common practises done to reduce the large format printing cost?
1. Switch to third party or compatible inks.
2. Opt for lower quality paper rolls for lower cost.

Both the above options will be able to save printing costs for short term but the quality of the print outs is compromised. In long run, the third party ink and inferior paper may cause the large format printer for frequent maintenance, ended up instead of cost savings, the users pay more.

How to save money on wide format CAD printing cost without compromising the quality?
Most of the CAD drawings are printed on 80g plain paper via large format inkjet printer (inkjet plotter). The most common media roll is supplied in the length of 50 meter with a 2-inch core.

Instead of going for the 50m roll plain paper, the smart users shall consider 80g plain paper roll that comes in 150 meter length. Please see price below for reference:

Plain Paper 80g A1 size/ 50m at USD9.00
USD 0.18 per meter (A1 size)

Plain Paper 80g A1 size/ 150m at USD16.50
USD 0.11 per meter (A1 size)

By switching the paper roll from 50m to 150m length will save the users up to 64% in term of paper cost.

What is the saving in term of total print cost?
The users of Canon iPF650, iPF655, iPF750, iPF755, iPF815 or iPF825 will be able to have the exact calculation via the Accounting Functions menu in the Canon imagePROGRAF Status Monitor software.

For the benefits of the blog readers, the estimation of the total wide format print cost saving would be as below:

In CAD printing, the paper cost shared approximately 50% of the total print cost (ink cost the remaining 50%).
Saving 64% in paper cost meaning saving of 32% of total print cost.

Note:Please check if your existing wide format printer is able to hold the 80g plain paper in 150 meter roll length (2-inch or 3-inch core size).

Canon iPF series compatible list for reference:
Canon iPF605  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch core only
Canon iPF610  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch core only
Canon iPF650  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF655  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF710  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch core only
Canon iPF750  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF755  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF810  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF815  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF820  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core
Canon iPF825  80g plain paper, 150m, 2-inch & 3-inch core

Feel free to contribute if you have such information for other models especially HP Designjet series.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) vs Canon iPF650 (24-inch) Review – Which LFP model best fit Corporate Office Tower or Boutique Office?

The customer is a fortune 500 company operation office in Malaysia located at PJ8, Petaling Jaya. The nature of business of the company is home appliances manufacturer; a wide format printer is needed to print A1 size layout plan and some M&E drawings for tender or projects purposes.

Corporate Office Tower at PJ8, Petaling Jaya

The buyer has received a proposal of HP Designjet 510 Plus (24-inch) from one of the vendor. In the meantime, the wise buyer had also surf through the website to study the suitable model as per the end user requirements.

HP Designjet 500 Plus (A1 Plotter)
This wide format printer blog had been visited by the said buyer, and an email was sent to me enquiring for the right models for selection.

HP Designjet T770 (A1 Plotter)
In view of the buyer’s company background, operate at a corporate office tower and user requirements, I have proposed the followings:

1. Consideration shall be made between HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) and Canon iPF650 (24-inch)
2. If budget is tight, Canon iPF605 would be a good alternative.
3. HP Designjet 510 Plus is out of the picture as additional cost incurred for printer stand and local area network (LAN) connectivity.

Canon iPF650

I have also suggested the buyer to read the posts from this large format printer blog as below which would help them to widen the angle of evaluation:

The buyer had short listed HP Designjet T770 (24-inch) and Canon iPF650 (24-inch). Below were the comments from the buyer on a few key comparisons made between Canon iPF650 and HP Designjet T770 (24-inch)

CAD drawings print quality Both HP Designjet T770 and Canon iPF650 print quality are excellent on line drawings.

Graphic Arts print qualityThe marketing department of the company would also like to utilise the large format printer for posters printing. The users found that Canon iPF650 is able to produce poster quality print outs within minutes.
HP Designjet T770 needed more time to process the graphic files, drastic slow down in printing speed as compared to its printing speed on CAD drawings.

Ergonomics/ user friendliness
The users like the front loading media rolls feeding system of the Canon iPF650. Unlike HP Designjet T770 that need to be pull out from the wall for accessibility to the printer rear part for paper roll replacement.
The office manager prefers Canon iPF650 due to its small foot print requirement for installation.

Printing cost control
The procurement manager is impressed with the bundled Accounting functions that embedded in the status monitor of Canon iPF650 printer driver.
Even though this additional feature does not contribute to decision making, but it perceived as a very helpful tool by the procurement manager for printing cost estimation and monitoring.

Canon iPF650 is installed at the corner of the corporate office walkway.

At the end of the evaluation, Canon iPF650 has been chosen and the main factor leading to the decision is the small foot print design enabling installation at corporate office tower with limited space.


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