Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canon iPF650 vs. Canon iPF605 Review - What are the differences between Canon iPF650 and Canon iPF605 A1 Size Large Format Printer?

Many buyers would like to understand the differences between these wide format printers (Canon iPF605 vs. Canon iPF650) prior to decision making.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF605 (A1 Size Printer)

Based on the specifications of both Canon iPF605 and Canon iPF650, both models are categorized at medium end market*. Hence, we can qualify the comparison between Canon iPF605 and Canon iPF650 in term of performance and quality is an apple to apple comparison.

*Medium end wide format printers (24 inch/ A1 size) for CAD application available in the market as of 28th September 2010 are Canon iPF605, Canon iPF650 and HP Designjet T770.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF650 (A1 Size Printer)
After several studies and reviews on both Canon iPF605 and Canon iPF650, below are the major differences for reference:

1. Productivity- Printing Speed
Canon iPF650 takes approximately 27 seconds while Canon iPF605 takes approximately 31 seconds to process, print and cut an A1 CAD drawing. Hence, Canon iPF650’s productivity is higher than Canon iPF605 by approximately 15%.

2. Ease of use- Media Handling
Both Canon iPF605 and Canon iPF650 are featured with front loading design. It means users can load the paper roll at the front of the printer without the need to move the printer away from the wall for paper loading at the rear part of the printer.

The Canon iPF650 has enhanced the paper/media loading design with the loading guide rail which automatic perform skew correction and alignment of the paper.

3. Ink Delivery System
Canon iPF650 is the first imagePROGRAF 24-inch models to use individual sub-tanks for each ink color within the printer. Constantly reserving a preset ink level in the sub ink tank lets users replace ink tanks without having to stop printing. Even when ink runs out unexpectedly, users can continue printing using just the subtanks. This also enables full use of ink tank contents, eliminating wasted ink.

The ink volume in the sub ink tanks is equivalent to approximately 80 sheets of A1 plain paper for monochrome drawings depending on printing condition.

4. Media Cutter
The Canon iPF650 is equipped with dual blade design with lifetime durability and it is driven by an independent motor that improve the media cutting speed. Not user replaceable. Estimated yield of the Canon iPF650 dual blade rotary cutter is at approximately 100,000 pcs plain paper.

The Canon iPF605 comes with the user replaceable cartridge type single blade cutter. The estimated cutter life span is at approximately 20,000 pcs plain paper.

The Canon iPF650 Status Monitor is enhanced with the Accounting Manager that designed and built to collect Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer job log information and calculate printing costs. This collects job logs to identify who printed what document from what printer and calculates the number of pages and sheets printed together with printing costs.

6. Maintenance Cartridge Life Span
The life span of the MC-10 Maintenance Cartridge for iPF650 is 2 times more durable than MC-16 Maintenance Cartridge for iPF605.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8100 for Graphic Arts & CAD Applications

The customer is a regional interior design company that take care of all aspects of interior and the exterior design covering the portfolio such as retail, hospitality, residential and commercial industries.

The company’s existing HP Designjet 500ps, 42” wide format inkjet printer has broken down and the spare parts have been obsolete. Leaving with no choice, the customer need to purchase a new large format printer for replacement.

The Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer authorized reseller; Automate System Sales & Services Sdn Bhd was invited to make a proposal on the above requirement. A detailed user requirements study has been conducted by Henry Hea, the sales consultant of Automate System with the findings as below.

In the past, the HP Designjet 500ps is used to print line drawings such as schematic layout, final scale layout and construction drawings. A part from the HP Designjet 500, the design house is also having one unit of Canon Pixma IX4000 A3 size inkjet printer which caters for design concept printing where colour color accuracy is very critical.

During the user requirement study, Henry also found that the design company is outsourcing jobs like fine arts reproduction to print studio. As quality is always to primary priority to this design company, quality control is one of the challenge to them in ensuring the color output matched the original artwork on these out source tasks.

The Canon iPF8100, 44” 12-color large format inkjet printer was proposed to meet the user requirements as below:

1. Print CAD drawings up to B0 size.
2. Produce quality prints with high color accuracy. ∆E < 2.0
3. Versatile to print on wide variation of media type for fine arts reproduction.
4. Savings by lower cost per print
5. Piece of mind- All Canon iPF series LFP are covered by 3 years on-site warranty in Malaysia.
6. Trade-in Rebate.

To ensure WYSIWYG output, both of the monitors of the graphic art designers have been calibrated with X-rite Eye-One Pro calibration tool and Profile Maker 5 calibration software.

Total of 4 PC and 2 MAC systems are connected to the Canon imagePROGRAF 8100 large format printer.  CAD and graphic arts users were trained to operate the Canon iPF8100, all of them are satisfied with the performance and user friendliness of the new Canon iPF8100, 44" large format inkjet printer.

The aged HP Designjet 500ps, 42" was parked aside and awaiting collection for trade-in rebate.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Introducing Canon iPF605 at Canon Advanced Made Simple Solutions Showcase (22nd September 2010)

The wait for a descent but affordable A1 size plan printer is over!

It has been a long wait for wide format printer users who are searching around for a medium end A1 size inkjet large format printer that offers at entry level price point.

Majority of the A1 size plotter users got to live with the low end desktop type A1 size wide format printer like Designjet 110, Designjet 111 or Designjet 500 Mono and Designjet 510plus. These 4 models are affordable in purchase price but in long term, the users are actually paying more due to the high ink cost (in term of per ml calculation) as well as low productivity (printing time of 90 seconds or more for one A1 size CAD drawing).

With the introduction of Canon iPF605, the users can now own a A1 size medium end large format printer with minimal budget without compromising on productivity and print quality.

Key features of Canon iPF605:
1. High Productivity: Approximately 30 seconds per A1 size CAD drawing print.
2. High Print Quality: Sharper, thinner lines and high black density for CAD plan production
3. LAN & USB connectivity as standard.
4. Printer Stand is bundled with no additional cost.
5. Etc

Visit the Canon Advanced Made Simple Solutions Showcase (22nd September 2010) at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur to find out more!


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