Saturday, October 17, 2009

Canon imagePROGRAF Ink Cost Per Print Calculation

Ink consumption is one of the most popular frequent asked questions (FAQs). For Canon iPF series large format inkjet printer, ink consumption per print data is tracked by the printer driver. Hence, by accessing to the printer driver, the ink consumed per print job and other related details will be displayed.

 Select 'Status Monitor' at the Canon iPF printer driver menu.

 Select 'Information' at the menu bar.

Refer to 'Ink Consumed' to get the data for ink cost calculation.

Take print job1 as example.
Job 1 is a line drawing (AutoCAD) printed in A1 size at draft mode (300 dpi).
The ink consumed is 0.0ml (the actual consumption shall be at 0.09-0.01ml)

For ink cost calculation, let assumes the ink consumption 0.1ml for Job1.

If Job1 is printed by Canon iPF610 or iPF710, the cost per print is as below:

1pc of PFI-102 (130ml) is at MYR199.
MYR199 / 130 ml = MYR1.53 per ml of ink.

Job 1 cost per print = 0.1ml X MYR1.53 per ml =  MYR 0.15 per print

If Job1 is printed by Canon iPF810, the cost per print is as below:

1pc of PFI-703 (700ml) is at MYR730.
MYR730/700ml = MYR1.04 per ml of ink.

Job 1 cost per print = 0.1ml X MYR1.04 per ml =  MYR 0.1 per print

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When The Bamboo Sings- A Portrait Photography Exhibition

Virginia Cucchi, a young Italian photographer has produced 'When The Bamboo Sings' portrait collections book which will be launched in Malaysia on 9th October 2009 at Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC.

A portrait photography exhibition will be held at Kinokuniya Bookstore's mezzanine floor in conjunction with the launch of 'When The Bamboo Sings'. Some 60pcs of A2 size portraits which are printed by Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer will be showcased during the portrait photography exhibition from 9th October 2009 till 8th November 2009.

'When The Bamboo Sings' is inspired by the endless source of surprise and stimulus found in Asia- its colours and vibrancy of life. All profits from the book will go to Blue Dragon, a shelter for street kids in Hanoi, Vietnam and to AVSI, a ray of hope for Burmese children after the Nargis disaster.

Virginia Cucchi prefers to hand-on the printing task for the portrait exhibition.

One of portrait printed in A2 size by Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer.


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