Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canon iPF9100 at DCIM Show 2009

DCIM Show (27 - 29 March 2009) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur was one of the premium professional camera shows that embedded with additional value added elements like Velocity Angels, DCM hotshots showcase, large format inkjet printers, camera accessories, photography seminars, notebook PC as well as mini studio facility.

Canon imagePROGRAF and Epson Stylus Pro are among the most preferred brands in professional photo segment. Canon iPF 9100 (12-color, 60") and Epson Stylus Pro 7880 (7-color, 24") were both showcased at DCIM 2009.

Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd was invited to take care of the LFP booth at DCIM Show 2009. James Khor, the Managing Director of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd has shared his professional knowledge in large format printing at the show to visitors especially to universities and colleges which are keen to setup large format printing facilities at the their labs.

By displaying the large format printer alone will not impressed the visitors. One way to attract attention will be print demonstrations and fill up the surrounding with breathtaking photos, especially those sexy models portraits.

The horizontal EOS 5D Mark II banners were also one of the artwork printed by the Canon iPF9100 12-color large format inkjet printer on frontlit banner.

There is a corner that showcase the photos at the DCIM Show 2009. The A3 size photos were just unable to attract the crowds as people tends to focus to some big objects especially at event like DCIM Show 2009. Don't you think that A2 or A1 size photo printouts will give you more kicks?

If you missed out this event and would like to witness the printing of Canon iPF9100, the 60 inches wide format printing, make sure you make yourself available to visit the IPMEX Malaysia 2009 at PWTC on 10th to 13th August, 2009.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

AutoCAD Color Matching Between Canon iPF710 and HP Designjet 500

An existing user of HP Designjet 500 wide format printer has acquired the Canon iPF710 large format printer recently. The customer is satisfied with the line accuracy and the print speed of Canon iPF710 except the contrast of the Cyan line from AutoCAD printout.

An on-site study was carried to address the customer query. The customer showed us the same drawing which was printed by Canon iPF710 and HP Designjet 500. The black, grey, magenta, yellow and others colors lines printed by Canon iPF710 are either matching or having better contrast as compared to the HP Designjet 500 printout except for the Cyan color.

There are 3 possible solutions that might solve the customer enquiry.
1. Educate the customer to use AutoCAD color screen chart for color selection.
2. Perform ICC color profile
3. Adjust the Canon iPF710 printer driver settings

The proposal no.2 was filtered as it is such an over engineered to perform ICC profiling in CAD environment.

Proposal no.1 was turned down by the customer as it seems to be an extra work to them. In short, from the customer point of view, since the Canon iPF710 is a new printer, besides the faster printing speed, what the customer expect is the new printer to provide better contrast of all the color lines as well.

Hence, the customer query was solved by adjusting the Canon iPF710 printer driver setting as below.

1. Open the Canon iPF710 printer driver and choose 'Advanced Settings'.

2. Click on the 'Color Settings' icon.

3. Select the 'Matching' tab.

4. Under the Matching Method, select 'Saturation'.

Besides Cyan, the contrast of the Black, Magenta and Yellow are also improved.


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