Sunday, December 20, 2009

Canon iPF755 vs. HP Designjet T1100 vs. Canon iPF720 Review - Print Speed Comparison

The Canon iPF750 and  iPF755 has significantly increase its printing speed as compared to the Canon iPF710 and iPF720.

Under draft mode A0 size plotting, there is approximately 18% increased in printing speed.
iPF750 at 47 seconds (A0)
iPF710 at 56 seconds (A0)

Please view the speed comparison video (Canon iPF755 vs HP Designjet T1100 vs Canon iPF720) for details.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The One Academy's Print Studio at Sunway Campus

The One Academy (TOA), one of the Asia's most respected institutions of new media and communication design has setup a internal print studio at the Bandar Sunway Campus in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8100, 12-color large format inkjet printer has been chosen by The One Academy as the main output/ printing device for the students' course works and lecturers' artworks.

James Khor, the Managing Director of  Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd whom has tremendious experience in printing studio setup is involved to ensure the internal print studio of The One Academy is on par with the professional printing lab standard.

 LCD monitor color calibration in progress

The monitor, printer (Canon iPF81000) and the media (paper for example matte coated, semi-glossy, synthetic, etc) are calibrated to ensure the accuracy of the color from input to output (WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get). In short, The One Academy's print studio is setup with proper color management system in place.

The walls and tiles at the print studio is based on gray color as it will minimize the color interference on the LCD monitor where with proper color management, the LCD preview will served as proof prior to printing.

 James Khor explaining the function of the table lamp in monitor proofing

The down light at the print studio is giving 'cool white' ambient while the table lamp is fixed with 'warm white' bulb. In the event that the artworks is meant for outdoor or will be used at place with 'warm white' ambient, the table lamp will need to be switched on for monitor proofing.

The students of The One Academy Sunway Campus are now able to hands on the printing work flow from monitor proofing to output at the print studio.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Canon imagePROGRAF Ink Cost Per Print Calculation

Ink consumption is one of the most popular frequent asked questions (FAQs). For Canon iPF series large format inkjet printer, ink consumption per print data is tracked by the printer driver. Hence, by accessing to the printer driver, the ink consumed per print job and other related details will be displayed.

 Select 'Status Monitor' at the Canon iPF printer driver menu.

 Select 'Information' at the menu bar.

Refer to 'Ink Consumed' to get the data for ink cost calculation.

Take print job1 as example.
Job 1 is a line drawing (AutoCAD) printed in A1 size at draft mode (300 dpi).
The ink consumed is 0.0ml (the actual consumption shall be at 0.09-0.01ml)

For ink cost calculation, let assumes the ink consumption 0.1ml for Job1.

If Job1 is printed by Canon iPF610 or iPF710, the cost per print is as below:

1pc of PFI-102 (130ml) is at MYR199.
MYR199 / 130 ml = MYR1.53 per ml of ink.

Job 1 cost per print = 0.1ml X MYR1.53 per ml =  MYR 0.15 per print

If Job1 is printed by Canon iPF810, the cost per print is as below:

1pc of PFI-703 (700ml) is at MYR730.
MYR730/700ml = MYR1.04 per ml of ink.

Job 1 cost per print = 0.1ml X MYR1.04 per ml =  MYR 0.1 per print

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When The Bamboo Sings- A Portrait Photography Exhibition

Virginia Cucchi, a young Italian photographer has produced 'When The Bamboo Sings' portrait collections book which will be launched in Malaysia on 9th October 2009 at Kinokuniya Bookstore, KLCC.

A portrait photography exhibition will be held at Kinokuniya Bookstore's mezzanine floor in conjunction with the launch of 'When The Bamboo Sings'. Some 60pcs of A2 size portraits which are printed by Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer will be showcased during the portrait photography exhibition from 9th October 2009 till 8th November 2009.

'When The Bamboo Sings' is inspired by the endless source of surprise and stimulus found in Asia- its colours and vibrancy of life. All profits from the book will go to Blue Dragon, a shelter for street kids in Hanoi, Vietnam and to AVSI, a ray of hope for Burmese children after the Nargis disaster.

Virginia Cucchi prefers to hand-on the printing task for the portrait exhibition.

One of portrait printed in A2 size by Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Top queries in Archidex09 and IPMEX09

Archidex 2009 and IPMEX 2009 were just over. Both of these exhibitions were the major events for the large format printer (LFP) industry. Archidex 2009 is one the biggest event for the CAD plotters while IPMEX 2009 is more related to the large format printing application in graphic arts and color matching sectors.

During these shows, the LFP exhibitors received tremendous comments from large format printer users about the availability issue of the supplies and spare parts of 2 major LFP brand in Malaysia namely HP and Canon.

Top 2 comments as below:
1. Long lead time for certain HP Designjet replacement parts.
2. Users have no idea where to look up for ready stock of Canon imagePROGRAF (iPF) supplies like ink tanks and maintenance cartridges.

The remark on the HP Designjet for long lead time on spare parts may subject to a lot of argument as HP is one of the most established brand in wide format printer market. Those users who made such comments may own a long phased out models which purchased more than 7 or 8 years ago.

As for the query on where to get ready stock of ink tanks and supplies for Canon imagePROGRAF printer, we have got the answer here.

Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd which is situated in Kuala Lumpur is the one-stop centre for Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer consumables and supplies. If the users are looking for any particular consumable item of Canon large format printer be it a ink tanks, maintenance catridge or print head, Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd would be an answer for the urgency.

Pictures below are taken from the retail front of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd.

PF-03 printhead for Canon iPF series, PFI-102 for Canon iPF500/510/600/610/700/710 and PFI-701 ink tanks for Canon iPF8000/8100/8000s/9000/9100/9000s.

PFI-301 for Canon iPF8000/8100/8000s/9000/9100/9000s, PFI-302 ink tanks for Canon iPF8000/8100/9000/9100, PFI-102 ink tanks for iPF500/510/600/610/700/710 and BCI-14X1 ink tanks for Canon W series LFP.

PFI-703 ink tanks for Canon iPF810/820.

PFI-101 ink tanks for Canon iPF5000/5100/6000/6100/6000s and PFI-103 ink tanks for Canon iPF5100/6100.

Maintenance cartridges for Canon iPF series.

James Khor, the Managing Director of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd has commented that the company is keeping buffer stock of 2.5 months to cater for the needs of Canon imagePROGRAF LFP users across the country.

Contact details:

Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd
25-G Jalan Radin Anum,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-9059 5331/ +6019-224 5861
Fax:+603-9059 6331/ +603-9059 6221

Monday, August 03, 2009

Color Management Seminar at Canon EOS Pro Centre, Berjaya Times Square KL

If you're a Canon DSLR users in KL, Canon EOS Pro Centre (owned by Pro Digital Imaging Centre) at 9th floor, Berjaya Times Square might be one of your favorite place to hang around.

Canon EOS Pro Centre is not just another ordinary camera retail outlet, apart from Canon EOS DSLR series, the Canon EOS Pro Centre also displays and demonstrates professional photo printers such as Canon iPF5100 (17"/ A2 size) large format inkjet printer and Canon Pixma Pro9000 series A3 size inkjet printers.

On 26th July 2009, the Canon EOS Pro Centre together with Bits & Bytes Marketing Sdn Bhd had organized a color management seminar to 40 paxs of invited participants. Most of the them are Canon EOS 1D or 5D users.

Cheryl from Bits & Bytes Marketing was presenting on the theory of color management. Basically a basic color management involved in photography is monitor calibration as well as printer and paper profiling (monitor to print match). A proper color management will ensure the color of the print outs are consistent and matching the color output from the computer screen (WYSIWYG).

The Colormunki spectrophotometer from X-rite was introduced in the seminar as one of the preferred color creation tool to the audiences.

The color specialist from Bits & Bytes Marketing Sdn Bhd was performing the process of color calibration. Picture shown was the process of color capturing from color chart via Colormunki spectrophotometer.

To show the differences between printing via paper profile and without paper profile, 2 portraits were printed with Canon iPF5100 on semi-glossy photo paper and both of the photos were compared with the monitor screen. Yes, the differences were spotted immediately by the audiences.

Want to find out more? Please refer to contacts as below:

Canon EOS Pro Centre (Prodigital Media)
Lot 09-47, Level 9,
Berjaya Times Square
No 1
Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603-2143 9148
Fax : +603-2148 9148
Email :
Contact Person: Mr. Wong

Bits & Bytes Marketing Sdn Bhd
Jalan TPK 1/6, Seksyen 1
Taman Perindustrian Kinrara
Tel : +603-8070 3977
Fax : +603-8070 3971
Email :
Contact Person: Ms. Cheryl
Cheong/ Ms. Candy Lim

Friday, July 17, 2009

Canon imagePROGRAF LFP On-site Demo Crew (Muar & Melaka, Malaysia)

Many a times, the prospected buyers of large format printers are invited to showroom to see the demonstration of the printers. But, both headquarter and branch of Offix Business Centres which are located in Muar and Melaka are providing on-site demo service to their customers.

A unit of Canon iPF610 was acquired by Offix Business Centre for the on-site demo purpose. Why Canon iPF610? It is because the iPF610 meets the requirements of most of the enquiries which is A1 size plotting as well as the printer size and weight is still managable for the on-site demo mobilisation.

This is the office shop front of Offix Business Centre (OBC). The van is standby for the Canon iPF610 on-site demo.

The Canon iPF610 is carried to the van from the showroom.

If the customer is located at 1st floor and above, it is kind of challenging task for the demo crew to carry up the Canon iPF610 and the printer stand via the narrow stair case.

After the printer is properly installed on-site, the demo crew is connecting it to the notebook PC for test print.

Since the Canon iPF610 is capable to deliver reasonably good quality graphic printings a part from CAD plotting, the OBC demo crew will also perform graphic printing to the CAD users to ensure the customer is impressed with the quality of Canon iPF610.

If you are located in Muar or Melaka and would like to request for an on-site demo of Canon imagePROGRAF large format inkjet printer, please contact the below:

1. Offix Business Centre (Muar)
No.16 Ground Floor, Jalan Parit Haji Baki
Muar, Johor 84000, Malaysia.
Tel: +606-953 2875
Fax: +606-953 7592

2. Offix Business Centre (Melaka)
No.64 Jalan TU 42, Taman Tasik Utama,
75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +606-231 6331, +06-231 6335
Fax: +606-231 6332

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canon iPF9100 at DCIM Show 2009

DCIM Show (27 - 29 March 2009) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur was one of the premium professional camera shows that embedded with additional value added elements like Velocity Angels, DCM hotshots showcase, large format inkjet printers, camera accessories, photography seminars, notebook PC as well as mini studio facility.

Canon imagePROGRAF and Epson Stylus Pro are among the most preferred brands in professional photo segment. Canon iPF 9100 (12-color, 60") and Epson Stylus Pro 7880 (7-color, 24") were both showcased at DCIM 2009.

Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd was invited to take care of the LFP booth at DCIM Show 2009. James Khor, the Managing Director of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd has shared his professional knowledge in large format printing at the show to visitors especially to universities and colleges which are keen to setup large format printing facilities at the their labs.

By displaying the large format printer alone will not impressed the visitors. One way to attract attention will be print demonstrations and fill up the surrounding with breathtaking photos, especially those sexy models portraits.

The horizontal EOS 5D Mark II banners were also one of the artwork printed by the Canon iPF9100 12-color large format inkjet printer on frontlit banner.

There is a corner that showcase the photos at the DCIM Show 2009. The A3 size photos were just unable to attract the crowds as people tends to focus to some big objects especially at event like DCIM Show 2009. Don't you think that A2 or A1 size photo printouts will give you more kicks?

If you missed out this event and would like to witness the printing of Canon iPF9100, the 60 inches wide format printing, make sure you make yourself available to visit the IPMEX Malaysia 2009 at PWTC on 10th to 13th August, 2009.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

AutoCAD Color Matching Between Canon iPF710 and HP Designjet 500

An existing user of HP Designjet 500 wide format printer has acquired the Canon iPF710 large format printer recently. The customer is satisfied with the line accuracy and the print speed of Canon iPF710 except the contrast of the Cyan line from AutoCAD printout.

An on-site study was carried to address the customer query. The customer showed us the same drawing which was printed by Canon iPF710 and HP Designjet 500. The black, grey, magenta, yellow and others colors lines printed by Canon iPF710 are either matching or having better contrast as compared to the HP Designjet 500 printout except for the Cyan color.

There are 3 possible solutions that might solve the customer enquiry.
1. Educate the customer to use AutoCAD color screen chart for color selection.
2. Perform ICC color profile
3. Adjust the Canon iPF710 printer driver settings

The proposal no.2 was filtered as it is such an over engineered to perform ICC profiling in CAD environment.

Proposal no.1 was turned down by the customer as it seems to be an extra work to them. In short, from the customer point of view, since the Canon iPF710 is a new printer, besides the faster printing speed, what the customer expect is the new printer to provide better contrast of all the color lines as well.

Hence, the customer query was solved by adjusting the Canon iPF710 printer driver setting as below.

1. Open the Canon iPF710 printer driver and choose 'Advanced Settings'.

2. Click on the 'Color Settings' icon.

3. Select the 'Matching' tab.

4. Under the Matching Method, select 'Saturation'.

Besides Cyan, the contrast of the Black, Magenta and Yellow are also improved.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Canon iPF710 vs HP Designjet T1120 Review

A0 size CAD printing is the most common requirement for most of the plotter users in Architecture, Interior Design and Mechanical & Electrical engineering sectors. Generally, there are only 2 brands that compete in this market, which are Canon imagePROGRAF and HP Designjet.

While the users want to make an apple to apple comparison between Canon imagePROGRAF and HP Designjet for A0 CAD printing application, they will be confused as HP resellers are comparing HP Designjet T610 with Canon iPF710 while the Canon resellers are comparing Canon iPF710 with HP Designjet T1120.

If you are an engineering or architecture firm that require an AO size plotter for a work group of less than 10 peoples, I would recommend you to opt for either a Canon iPF710 or HP Designjet T1120 due to the reasons as below:

1. Network ready:
Both Canon iPF710 and HP T1120 are network ready. (HP DJ 510+ and HP DJ T610 are not network ready)

2. Ink tank size:
Both Canon iPF710 and HP T1120 ink tanks size are at 130ml. ( HP DJ 510+ and HP DJ T610 ink tank size are at 69ml).
Bigger ink tank size normally translate to cheaper cost per ml of ink.

3. Plotting speed:
See the Canon iPF710 vs HP Designjet T1100 vs HP Designjet 500ps speed comparison video below and judge yourself.

Test Conditions:
PC Specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, USB 2.0
Application Software: Autodesk SWG True View 2008
Print Data: CAD image, A0 size
Remark: Canon and HP output CAD image print mode are regarded as equivalent in image quality. (Not default setting comparison) 

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Choosing a wide format printer & plotter

It is not an easy task to choose a right large format printer or wide formar printer as there are many models for selection. Thus, I believe by breaking down all the popular models by print widths and specific industry, it will helps to enable the buyers to perform an apple to apple comparison.

Generally, HP and Canon are well-known in CAD application while Epson and Canon are leading the graphic arts segment.

A2 Size/ CAD, GIS and 3D Paths Applications
1. Canon iPF510 (17", 5-color, 2400X1200 dpi, 192MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. HP Designjet 70 (18", 4-color, 1200X600dpi, 64MB RAM)

A1 Size/ CAD, GIS & 3D Paths Application
1. Canon iPF610 (24", 5-color, 2400X1200 dpi, 256MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. HP Designjet 510 Plus (24", 4-color, 2400X1200 dpi, 160MB RAM, Optional Network)
3. HP Designjet T610 (24", 6-color, 2400X1200dpi, 128MB RAM, Optional Network)
4. HP Designjet T1120 (24", 6-color, 2400X1200dpi, 320MB RAM, Network Ready)

A0 Size/ CAD, GIS & 3D Paths Application
1. Canon iPF710 (36", 5-color, 2400X1200dpi, 256MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. HP Designjet 51o Plus (42". 4-color, 2400X12oodpi, 160MB RAM, Optional Network)
3. HP Designjet T610 (44", 6-color, 2400X1200dpi, 128MB RAM, Optional Network)
4. HP Designjet T1120 (44", 6-color, 2400X1200dpi, 384MB RAM, Network Ready)

A0 Size/ CAD, GIS and 3D Paths Application (Heavy Duty, suitable for copy centre or shared among a big workgroup, >10 users)
1. Canon iPF810 (44", 5-color, 2400X1200dpi, 384MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. HP Designjet 4020 (42", 4-color, 2400X1200dpi, 604MB RAM, Network Ready)

A2 Size/ Fine Arts, Color Proof and Professional Photography Application
1. Canon iPF5100 (17", 12-color, 2400X1200dpi, 192MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. Epson Stylus Pro 4880 (17", 8-color, 2880X1440dpi, 64MB RAM, Network Ready)

A1 Size/ Fine Arts, Color Proofing and Professional Photography Application
1. Canon iPF6100 (24", 12-color, 2400X1200dpi, 384MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. Epson Stylus Pro 7880 (24", 8-color, 2880X1440dpi, 64MB RAM, Network Ready)
3. Epson Stylus Pro 7900 (24", 10-color, 2880X1440dpi, 256MB RAM, Network Ready)

A0 to B0 Size/ Fine Arts, Color Proof and Professional Photography Application
1. Canon iPF8100 (44", 12-color, 2400X1200dpi, 384MB RAM, Network Ready)
2. Epson Stylus Pro 9880 (44", 8-color, 2880X1440dpi, 128MB RAM, Network Ready)
3. Epson Stylus Pro 9900 (44", 10-color, 2880X1440dpi, 256MB RAM, Network Ready)

The above brief specifications is for easy reference purpose only. Please refer to Canon, HP and Epson official brochures for detailed specifications.

Other considerations

Monday, April 13, 2009

Videojet CIJ Product Positioning

From an ex-colleague of mine, I was told that the market share of Videojet CIJ market share (not including the ex-Willett channel) has shrunk drastically in Klang Valley region.

When I was handling the Videojet CIJ business in Malaysia, Videojet, Imaje and Hitachi were the top 3 brand in Malaysia and Klang Valley was the strongest base that lead the numbers. If this piece of news is true, probably the ranking of Videojet CIJ in Klang Valley has gone down to bottom 3 from top 3.

There could be several factors that contribute it:
1. Product positioning
2. Quality of the after sales support
3. Application knowledge of the sales team

I would say that product positioning of Videojet is the biggest factor that caused the fall of Videojet CIJ sales in Klang Valley region. In 3 to 4 years back, Videojet Inc. positioned its range of CIJ as below:
Common Models:
2 lines machine
Videojet 37 series vs Image 9020, Hitachi PB

3 to 4 lines machine
Videojet Excel 170i vs Image 9040, Hitachi PX

High End Models:
Videojet Excel 2000- Premium for the iP65 cabinet.
Videojet Excel UHS- Ultra High Speed Application
Videojet Excel HR- Ultra fine print quality

The problem of the product positioning as above was there is not an apple to apple comparison. Let's take the 2 lines category as example. Yes, Videojet 37e and 37plus were 2 lines CIJ printers. If the customer requirements are beyond just printing 2 lines 5x7 (7x5) matrix characters, then Videojet sales representatives would face very tough challenges to fulfil customer requirements as such:

1. High and bold single line character print
2. Long print message (more than 40 characters)
3. Logo printing
4. Chinese characters printing
5. etc.

I still remembered that I had requested the regional sales manager of Videojet to consider the FOB cost of machines based on the product positioning as below:

2-3 lines CIJ printer
Videojet Excel 170i vs. Image 9020, Hitachi PB

3-4 lines CIJ printer
Videojet Excel 2000 vs. Image 9040, Hitachi PX

Supporting Models:
Videojet Excel UHS- Ultra High Speed Application
Videojet Excel HR- Ultra fine print quality

My proposal was to phased out the Videojet 37 series in Malaysia and make Videojet Excel 170i as the entry level CIJ due to the reason as below:

1. Videojet Excel 170i is very reliable. It can handles most of the application needs that require to print 2 lines only.
2. It is very wrong to position Videojet Excel 170i at 3 lines printer as the line speed in 3 lines printing is just too slow (17 meter per minute) to cope with most of production line speed.

Even this proposal did not gone through, but the proposed product positioning of mine was used as the bible for all the sales persons as using the right model to compete with the competitors is the most critical step to win a deal.

It is a need for the Videojet distributors (Videojet channel) to seriously look into the product positioning and ride on the new opportunity with the new line up from Videojet 1000 Line.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Canon EOS Experience Seminar at Ipoh, 2008

Canon EOS Experience Seminar is not something new for many Malaysian photography enthusiasts. This event is normally takes place in a hotel’s hall with a mini studio setup for portrait shooting. As usual, you will be able to witness how professional portrait is being captured, preview and direct print via the Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer.

In the past, Canon iPF5000 (17”) was featured for demonstration of large format printing at the seminar. This round, the award winning Canon iPF6100 (24”) was displayed at the EOS Experience Seminar at Ipoh in conjunction with the pre-launch preview of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
Breathtaking photos (especially portraits) were displayed at the seminar hall allowing participants to review before the seminar start and during the tea break time. Most of them were the print-outs of Canon iPF5000 and Canon iPF5100.

Besides photos, full set of Canon EOS lens were displayed for testing.

Main speaker, Kaz Chua was presenting the proper techniques of portrait shooting with Canon EOS Digital SLR. (The Canon iPF6100 was placed in-front of the stage)

After all the theory, there was a photo shooting contest. 3 models were posing at both indoor and outdoor of the Heritages hotel for the participants to take the best shots. All 3 models were on sexy dressings with high heels. Their seductive poses had been non-stop capturing by all the digital SLRs for almost 90 minutes.
(All of them are Ipoh girls, and Ipoh girls are well known with the fair skin and sweet look.)

After the lunch break, it is the demonstration of portrait taking from Kaz Chua. A professional model with bridal dressing was on stage, it's show time.

Pictures taken were preview on-screen. Contrast was adjusted and yes, it is ready to send print now. (No touch-up)

The beautiful portrait was printing by the Canon iPF6100. Be patient, it just take a little while.

The lady model was showing the large format print-out on stage. (Looks like Amber Chia yeah?)

James Khor, Managing Director of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd was explaining on the technique to setup a large format printer for excellent quality printing.

The show end at around 5:00pm and all the portraits of the Amber Chia look-alike model all went missing.


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