Friday, October 17, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8100 at Profoto-Online, KL

Photography enthusiasts will probably invest in a photo printer like Canon PIXMAPro9000 (A3 size) or Epson Stylus Photo R2880 (A3 size). To the extreme, probably putting a 17” or 24” large format printer like Canon ImagePROGRAF 5100 (17”) or Canon ImagePROGRAF 6100 (24”) at home may be still possible. But what if you have got some really precious shots that you would like to print it out to serve as wallpaper and stuff like that which require bigger printer? The answer is you have no choice but to send your picture to a prints centre.

Why photographers opt to own an photo printer which costs a couple of thousands rather getting a prints centre to print them out? It is because in order to print a quality photo, a quality inkjet printer is not only the answer, factors like paper selection, color profiling, paper profiling, quality of visual device (monitor) and knowledge of the operator are contributing to the quality of print.

Thus, it is a need to introduce quality prints centre in Malaysia as well as disclosing locations where Canon ImagePROGRAFs are show case around this country.

Profoto-online is a professional prints centre located at Maju Junction Mall, Kuala Lumpur. They specialize in professional graphic arts printing on canvas and archival paper.

The interior decoration of the prints centre looks very much like an arts gallery where portraits, picture and bunting are displayed properly.

Again, the classic Canon shot (Canon EOS DSLR) and print (Canon ImagePROGRAF) photo is printed at 44" wide for showcase. The picture is printed with direct camera connection, no touch up and so fort.

A brand new Canon ImagePROGRAF 8100 (12-colours) Canon large format inkjet printer is parked at the corner of the outlet for prints production and display.

Contact details:
20 & 21 Maju Junction Mall
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Hotline: 013-247 2744, 012-646 1766, 012-236 0047


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Filter element coding with Videojet Excel 2000

A filter manufacturer is looking for an industrial inkjet printer to print product description, product code, batch number and a simple logo at the filter element.

The filter element is made up of semi porous material, hence industrial inkjet like continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) and large character inkjet (Xaar technology) could be considered.

The well known no.1 CIJ brand, Videojet model Excel 2000 (4 lines print) with 16-8700Q alcohol based ink was proposed as the primary option to the manufacturer.

Ale X1, a Xaar technology based large character inkjet printer was the alternate option. The printer is capable to run with alcohol based ink and deliver a 17mm height print message.

Both options were suitable to fulfil the manufacturer requirement. It is very much depends on the manufacturer priority as below:
1. Superb print quality (Ale X1)
2. User friendliness (Videojet Excel 2000)
3. Low cost per print (Vidoejet Excel 2000)
4. Low maintenance cost (Ale X1)

Videojet Excel 2000 was chosen after thorough consideration from the customer. Even though customer was very impressed with the print sample of Ale X1, but the print quality of Videojet Excel 2000 has also met their requirement.

The production manager opted Videojet due to the simple user interface menu design and the rugged membrane keypad structure. The Videojet has really shows the user friendliness in message creation and editing.

Another advantage of Vidoejet Excel 2000 is the option for the manufacturer to change the ink type to MEK or Acetone based depending on their future requirement.

A conveyor is bundled in the deal as the printing job is an off-line process for the factory.


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