Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd- One Stop Large Format Printers Showroom

'Seeing is believing', due to this belief, the founder of Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd, James Khor has setup a large (wide) format printers showroom at a 4 storey premise in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur in year 2002.

The line-up of Canon imagePROGRAF large format printers are display at the showroom and ready for test run. The picture shows the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000 (left), Canon imagePROGRAF iPF 810 (centre), and Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF 710 (right).

Besides Canon brand, Plot-tech also showcase HP and Epson large format printers.

A part from large format printing, solution like large format scanning is also setup and ready for demonstration at the showroom.

'We will recommend the best solutions that suite customer requirements as each brand has got its strength in vary applications.' James Khor believes that business relationship is built on trust, hence offering what customers needs is the top priority of Plot-tech Services.

To offer excellent customer services to customers, supplies such as ink tanks, maintenance accessories, media & papers and etc are available ex-stock to walk-in and call-in customers.

Value added services like color profiling for monitor, printer and paper are available upon request. With proper profiling, what the users can achieve is not only outstanding print quality but also save in ink consumption.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000, 12-color large format inkjet printer is uses as the production printer at Plot-tech to fulfil all the printing services like poster, banner, banting and name card printing.

Contact details:
Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd
25-G Jalan Radin Anum,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-9059 5331/ +6019-224 5861
Fax:+603-9059 6331/ +603-9059 6221

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Canon iPF610 vs HP Designjet T610 Review (Print Speed Comparison)

CAD drawings are something that an engineering draftman got to deal with in daily basis. I still remember that while I was working with a Swedish based liquid food processing company 6 months ago, plant layout printings in CAD by large format printer is a very useful material for reference.
The plant drawings are very important for proposal submission, scheduled engineering discussion, troubleshooting, project meetings and so forth. And due to that most of the critical meetings are held due to breakdown or adhoc issues, a high speed CAD printer is really needed to meet the users expectations.
Printing speed is very important due to the frequent changes in customer requirements and tight schedule. To be efficient, we need to have a drawing in hand to address all the issues and see the entire picture/ scenario clearer.
Canon iPF610 and HP Designjet T610 are both A1 size printers. This apple to apple comparison will tells which model to go for if time is crucial for you.

Test Conditions:
PC Specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, USB 2.0
Application Software: Autodesk SWG True View 2008
Print Data: CAD image, A1 size
Remark: Canon and HP output CAD image print mode are regarded as equivalent in image quality. (Not default setting comparison).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Print Speed Comparison (Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000s vs. HP Z6100)

Printing speed is very crucial for large format printers users in production printing industry. The printers will be able to gain competitiveness if the factory is equipped with high performance and high speed large format printers.

It is common that prospected buyers of large format printer (wide format printer) confused and facing difficulties in identifying the actual printing speed of the large format printer as variables like print data size, computer specifications, application software, interface, etc will be determining the printing speed.

Hence, the video is comparing both 8 colors large format printer namely Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000s and HP Z6100 side by side under the same conditions to obtain the actual speed difference between these 2 printers.

Canon iPF9000s vs. HP Z6100
PC Specifications: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz, 3GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2, Ethernet
Application Software: Adobe Illustrator CS2
Print Data: 914.4mm X 1371.6mm, 351MB, enlarged by 161%

Friday, October 17, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8100 at Profoto-Online, KL

Photography enthusiasts will probably invest in a photo printer like Canon PIXMAPro9000 (A3 size) or Epson Stylus Photo R2880 (A3 size). To the extreme, probably putting a 17” or 24” large format printer like Canon ImagePROGRAF 5100 (17”) or Canon ImagePROGRAF 6100 (24”) at home may be still possible. But what if you have got some really precious shots that you would like to print it out to serve as wallpaper and stuff like that which require bigger printer? The answer is you have no choice but to send your picture to a prints centre.

Why photographers opt to own an photo printer which costs a couple of thousands rather getting a prints centre to print them out? It is because in order to print a quality photo, a quality inkjet printer is not only the answer, factors like paper selection, color profiling, paper profiling, quality of visual device (monitor) and knowledge of the operator are contributing to the quality of print.

Thus, it is a need to introduce quality prints centre in Malaysia as well as disclosing locations where Canon ImagePROGRAFs are show case around this country.

Profoto-online is a professional prints centre located at Maju Junction Mall, Kuala Lumpur. They specialize in professional graphic arts printing on canvas and archival paper.

The interior decoration of the prints centre looks very much like an arts gallery where portraits, picture and bunting are displayed properly.

Again, the classic Canon shot (Canon EOS DSLR) and print (Canon ImagePROGRAF) photo is printed at 44" wide for showcase. The picture is printed with direct camera connection, no touch up and so fort.

A brand new Canon ImagePROGRAF 8100 (12-colours) Canon large format inkjet printer is parked at the corner of the outlet for prints production and display.

Contact details:
20 & 21 Maju Junction Mall
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Hotline: 013-247 2744, 012-646 1766, 012-236 0047


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Filter element coding with Videojet Excel 2000

A filter manufacturer is looking for an industrial inkjet printer to print product description, product code, batch number and a simple logo at the filter element.

The filter element is made up of semi porous material, hence industrial inkjet like continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) and large character inkjet (Xaar technology) could be considered.

The well known no.1 CIJ brand, Videojet model Excel 2000 (4 lines print) with 16-8700Q alcohol based ink was proposed as the primary option to the manufacturer.

Ale X1, a Xaar technology based large character inkjet printer was the alternate option. The printer is capable to run with alcohol based ink and deliver a 17mm height print message.

Both options were suitable to fulfil the manufacturer requirement. It is very much depends on the manufacturer priority as below:
1. Superb print quality (Ale X1)
2. User friendliness (Videojet Excel 2000)
3. Low cost per print (Vidoejet Excel 2000)
4. Low maintenance cost (Ale X1)

Videojet Excel 2000 was chosen after thorough consideration from the customer. Even though customer was very impressed with the print sample of Ale X1, but the print quality of Videojet Excel 2000 has also met their requirement.

The production manager opted Videojet due to the simple user interface menu design and the rugged membrane keypad structure. The Videojet has really shows the user friendliness in message creation and editing.

Another advantage of Vidoejet Excel 2000 is the option for the manufacturer to change the ink type to MEK or Acetone based depending on their future requirement.

A conveyor is bundled in the deal as the printing job is an off-line process for the factory.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 – BLI’s Pick for Outstanding Wide-Format Color Inkjet Graphics Printer

Recognized for its exceptional photographic print quality, the 24-inch imagePROGRAF iPF6100 features a 12-color pigment ink system, built-in calibration and sophisticated print-head technology with dual user-replaceable printheads.

The lab test report is very comprehensive. Below is the summary that explains how Canon ImagePROGRAF was tested and evaluated in-house by Buyers Laboratory.

Test duration:
Two months, including a 5,000 square foot or 464.5 square meter durability test.

Performance Overview:
Realiability (Excellent)
Ease of Assembly (Excellent)
Ease of Network Setup (Excellent)
Paper Handling (Very Good)
Ease of Use (Very Good)
Administrative Utilities (Very Good)
Print Drivers (Excellent)
Feedback to Workstation (Very Good)
Application Compatibility (Excellent)
Colour Management (Very Good)
Colour Print Quality (Excellent)
Black Print Quality (Very Good)
Feature Set (Good)

Performance Summary:
Designed for small networked workgroups in graphic arts and professional photography markets, the 24-inch Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF6100 wide-format, referred to by Canon as large-format inkjet printer, performed extremely well during its BLI evaluation, having printed more than 800 pages spanning 5,000 square feet or 464.5 square meters without experiencing any errors or jams. Employing Canon’s 12-ink Lucia pigment ink set, the iPF6100 produced high quality, smudge resistant prints on a variety of paper stocks in colour and black modes. BLI technicians were especially impressed with the printer’s ability to generate very smooth, neutral gray tones with no perceptible bronzing on Canon’s heavy weight glossy photo paper. Colour output was exceptional, superior to that of other wide-format printers tested to date, with notable highlight and shadow detail displayed across a wide variety of colour prints. In addition to generating high quality photo-graphic prints, the unit also produced black and white and colour technical documents and maps of very good quality. Althought the printer is equipped with a built-in densitometer, supplied to ensure colour consistency by calibrating to factory specifications, it was not utilized beyond the initial calibration, as colour remained extremely consistent.

BLI technicians were also particularly impressed with this wide-format printer’s ease of use and quick and simple assembly, which was completed in less than an hour. Configuring the printer on the network and installing the print driver and the accompanying utilities were also straightforward and loading roll media was the easiest of any wide-format printer tested to date. Based on its superb image quality, perfect reliability and overall ease of use, along with valuable features such as borderless printing and built-in calibration capability. BLI highly recommends the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100 24-inch wide-format printer for graphics and fine arts users.

- Highly realiable; flawless reliability performance
- Fast and easy installation; no dealer required
- Superior colour image quality
- Excellent colour consistency throughout the test period
- No observable bronzing on black-only prints
- Broad halftone range and consistent fill
- Auto-switching between photo and matte black inks
- Colour calibration capability with built-in densometer
- Borderless printing
- Fast between-page processing times
- Wide range of compatible media
- Easiest media loading procedure for wide-format printers tested by BLI
- Supports front-loading of thick sheets
- Quick wake-up time from sleep mode
- Media-saving barcode and Free Layout nesting functions
- Clearly labeled control panel
- Windows and Mac compatible

Source: Buyers Laboratory Lab Test Repor, May 2008

About Buyers Laboratory
For more than 45 years, Buyers Laboratory has been the leading independent office-equipment testing lab and business consumer advocate. In addition to publishing the industry's most comprehensive and accurate test reports on office document imaging devices, each representing months of exhaustive hands-on testing in BLI's 10,000-square-foot lab, the company has been the leading source for extensive databases of specifications and pricing on copiers, printers, fax machines and multifunctional products. The company's databases cover more than 10,000 products and have a long-standing reputation for being the industry's most trustworthy and complete. They are available to BLI subscribers online via the company's bliQ competitive information service. This encyclopedic resource also provides quick and easy access to BLI's First Look Reports, Field Test Reports, Lab Test Reports, Solutions Reports, Digital Imaging Review and Business Consumer's Advisor newsletters and OEM library.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) is an ink supply kit that can be integrated to the inkjet system to enable the use of compatible ink in the form of refill.

It comes with 6 ink tanks, thus it is able to be mounted on typical dye based and pigmented based inkjet printer such as Epson Stylus, HP Deskjet, Canon Pixma and etc.

This system has gaining popularity because the consumers nowadays are getting very cost sensitive.

An Epson Stylus Photo 1390 has just been upgraded with the CISS kit, after performing the color profiling, a test print was printed out for quality comparison.

Obviously the quality of the print is not as good as compared to the genuine ink, but it is acceptable with the price that paid.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Videojet 6210 TTO at Continuous Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Application


The candy manufacturer uses horizontal form-fill-seal (FFS) to pack the chocolate candy. The CIJ Imaje S4 which attached to the packaging machine has broken down, and to repair the internal pump, it costs approximately USD 1450. Due to the high maintenance cost of the aged Imaje S4, the customer has decided to consider a new industrial printer.

The printing requirement is to code the manufacturing date and expiry date on the PE packaging film. This is a continuous form fill seal machine at the speed of 15 to18 meter per minute.

The customer has chosen thermal transfer technology which is best suite the form fill seal packaging application instead of the CIJ technology due to the cost of a basic TTO printer is very competitive now since the launch of Videojet 6210 and Markem S18.

Videojet 6210 has won the deal over Markem S18 simply because the user friendly touch screen as well as the customer satisfied with the existing Videojet Excel 170i which is installed at the labeling line.

To make the installation a successful one, a customized bracket with stainless steel rollers and food grade PU roller was designed in accordance to the horizontal form fill seal machine space as well as the application requirement. A rotary encoder with wheel and bracket is required to syncronized the movement speed of the packaging film to the control unit of VJ6210.

The touch screen panel is installed with consideration of operator eye level to ensure ergonomic of the operation process.

In short, the process has become cleaner, easier and the 300 dpi print quality has also added value to the overall candy packaging quality.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF 810 and iPF 820 (44”) Unofficial Specifications

The Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF 810 and iPF 820 are launching in September 2008. Many large format printer (plotter) users are enquiring about the specifications of these 5-colour large format printers but there is not much information made available to the market at this moment.

Below are the unofficial specifications of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF810 and iPF 820 (44”) for sharing:

1. High speed printing
- 24 sec or less (A1, CAD drawing, plain paper, draft mode. HP DJ 4000/4500: 25 sec per A1)
- Economy printing mode of low running cost
2. Durability of 100,000 prints
3. High capacity ink tank: 330/700 ml, 5 colors, 5 ink tanks
4. Ink tank replace without stopping printing
5. Faster printing via RIP
6. Fast response and startup
7. Improved service

Print Quality
1. High accuracy in CAD printing
- Distance accuracy 0.1% / minimum line width 0.02 mm
- Ruling accuracy 25 ┬Ám
2. Color emulation
3. Sharp and clear reproduction of text and line by dye and pigment reactive ink system

1. Faster speed HDI driver
2. Roll paper preview
3. Print Plug-In for Word

Hard Disk Drive
1. 80GB HDD print job administration
- Enhanced ccomplete elimination level
- Increase of the number of job history
- Increase of the number of Boxes
2. Nesting
3. Auto Rotation
4. Remedy for Memory Overflow

1. Revision of color UI
2. Larger LCD, requiring no manual
3. Usability inherited from iPF8100
4. Standard equipped USB 2.0 and 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX
5. HP-GL/2 and HP RTL support
6. Accessory box added in the left where tank unit is removed

Media feed
1. Double roll feed able up to 44" width (iPF 820 only)
-Double roll auto changeover
-Spindle for both 2" and 3" core
2. High capacity basket, holding up to 20 sheets of plain paper (Standard for iPF 820, optional for iPF 810)
3. Take-up unit (Optional for iPF 810, not available for iPF 820)
4. 1 sheet manual feed from front (A4~A0)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820

Canon Marketing Malaysia will be launching the 5 colours ImagePROGRAF iPF810 and iPF820 44inches large format inkjet printers in September 2008.

In line with the 2 printing shows in Kuala Lumpur which is Sign & Digital Printing 2008 and Print Technology 2008, the first unit of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820 has landed in Malaysia for product preview during the mentioned printing exhibitions.

With the print width of 44”, front paper loading and improved print speed and quality, the iPF810 and iPF820 will be further strengthen the product range of the existing 5 colours range.

The test print of Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF820 with graphic was done (before ICC calibration) has shown the improved print speed and quality as compared to the iPF710.

More write-ups will be posted upon formal test data is obtained in the future.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The obsolescence of Videojet 37 series

Videojet Inc. has made the decision to phase out the Videojet 37 series, one of the best selling CIJ model in Asia region.

This is a wise direction indeed as inkjet market has become more and more competitive nowadays. For example, Imaje 9020 which is the entry level model of its CIJ range is offering 4 lines print. Hitachi PX-R, a very versatile 4 lines print CIJ is offering at very attractive price level.

In 2 years back, I still remembered that I have negotiated with Videojet Inc. to offer us Videojet 37 Plus at Videojet 37e price as Videojet 37 Plus is more versatile for the applications requirements as well as more competitive while compared with other 2 lines model like Imaje S7 Prima, Hitachi PB and Domino A100.

The new product positioning of Videojet channel would be replacing Videojet 37 series position with Videojet Excel 170i, and Videojet Excel 2000 would be taking over position of Videojet Excel 170i. Lastly, the new VJ1510 (5 lines print) will be positioned at highest end CIJ range.

I believe the obsolescence of Videojet 37 series is a positive move for Videojet sales channel in the long term prospective.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Canon imagePROGRAF at Archidex08, KLCC

The 9th Malaysia Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (Archidex08) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Malaysia (KLCC) on 3-6 July 2008 was one of the good show to be visited for Large Format Printer (LFP) users as major brand like Canon, HP and Epson were participated in that event.

Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn Bhd together with Plot-tech Services (M) Sdn Bhd were showing the 5 colors Canon LFP iPF500 and iPF710. The versatile Canon iPF500 and iPF710 large format printer that works well in CAD and GIS applications has impressed the crowds with its unbeatable print accuracy and speed.

In the meantime, both Canon LFP iPF500 and iPF710 also captured attention of users that required graphic arts print quality printer even these 5 colors printers main targeted segment are office and CAD/GIS applications. The audiences were impressed with the superb print quality, and most of them were interested to receive detailed information of the 8 colors and 12 colors Canon imagePROGRAF LFP where meant for graphics arts applications.

In short, Canon imagePROGRAF series product line is comprehensive to fulfill all the large format printing requirements

Monday, June 02, 2008

Marsh Unicorn/ ILC Imaje Crayon

If you are looking for a large character printer to print single line alpha numeric characters at the corrugated carton box, the recommendation to you is the Marsh Unicorn carton printer, or the ILC Imaje Crayon (OEM by Marsh).

Marsh Unicorn or ILC Imaje Crayon is the best option for simple corrugated carton printing application among its class. The picture shows an ILC Imaje Crayon which has been operated for more than 10 years and still working fine.

Marsh Unicorn or ILC Imaje Crayon works best with proper installation criteria as below:
1. Constant conveyer speed.
2. The cartons will be aligned properly by the side guide before printing.
3. Minimal vibration.
4. Not so dusty environment.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO): Markem Vs. Videojet

In the past, when come to TTO application, Markem SmartDate series will probably the only favorable option to the users.

Since Videojet launches the Dataflex TTO in some years ago, Markem is no longer the only solution provider in thermal transfer overprinting technology, the coding and marking giant Videojet is aggressively eyeing on the TTO market share.

The competition between Markem and Videojet has heated up to another level while the basic thermal transfer printers were introduced to the market.

1. Markem S18
2. Videojet 6210

The price of the basic TTO is so competitive now, and small medium scale manufacturer could afford a TTO on the form-fill-seal (FFS) machine at a continuous ink jet (CIJ) price or even cheaper. It is time to go for TTO printer for your form-fill-seal packages; it is affordable, less maintenance and clean.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Videojet Excel Ultra ci

Videojet is known by most of the inkjet users, and Excel series like Videojet Excel 170i, Videojet Excel 2000/ 2000 Opaque, Videojet Excel UHS (Ultra High Speed) and Videojet Excel HR (High Resolution) are popular to the market.

But the Videojet Excel Ultra ci is not commonly known by the market. It is not a new model of Excel series like Videojet Excel DN (Dual Nozzle), in fact the Videojet Excel Ultra ci is introduced since many years ago.

This is a CIJ model that specifically customized for one of the tobacco manufacturer, hence ci means cigarette industry. The Videojet Excel Ultra ci is customized based on the Videojet Excel UHS (Ultra High Speed). It is allowed to be sold to the specific tobacco manufacturer only as there is an agreement between Videojet Inc. and the tobacco manufacturer that initiated such customized CIJ.

Basically the Videojet Excel Ultra ci is a Videojet Excel UHS with additional SARs (Special Application Request) as below:
1. 90 degree printhead
2. 7x9 Twin-line matrix
3. Three-stages warning light
4. IP65 IO ports with pre-defined functionally, i.e. connections to cigarette packing machines like Focke, GD and etc.
5. Mainboard with parallel connectivity functions.
6. Better safety featured as compared to ordinary Excel model.
7. etc.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Last Videojet Excel 10

One of the users of the Videojet Excel 10 had decided to keep the unit as spare unit after the capital expenditure for the Videojet Excel 170i has been approved.

The user is satisfied with the long service of the Videojet Excel 10, but due to aging, the Videojet Excel 10 that has been serving the organization for more than 2 decades was giving some maintenance issues recently.

The Videojet Excel 10 will be flushed and keep in store as spare. Some snap shots have been taken to share in this inkjet website.

Generally the hydraulic (ink and make-up fluids) compartment, pneumatic compartment and electronic compartments are generic as compared to the latest Videojet Excel series.

After in operation for more than 20 years, the Videojet Excel 10 still delivers superb print quality.

Probably this unit is the last Videojet Excel 10 that still in good condition in this world.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Compatible Ink and Make up Fluids for Domino A Series Inkjet Printer

A Domino ink cartridge was left on a rack outside the production floor. It was not genuine supplies from Domino as I found no “Domino” brand was labeled on it. The ink cartridge was labeled with ‘Imprint’ brand, hence it might be a compatible ink cartridge for Domino inkjet printer.

Will you consider compatible ink? Is price the only reason? Please share your view on this Marking & Coding Blog.

Are you existing compatible ink users for CIJ inkjet printer (Videojet, Domino, Imaje, Hitachi, Citronix, Linx, Willett and etc)? If yes, do you have any comment and view on compatible fluids vs. genuine fluids?

I will share my view in the up coming posts.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Videojet Excel Series

The Videojet Excel series has been introduced to the market since 1980s. The Excel series has been dominating the ink jet line for decades till now.

The first Videojet Excel model was Videojet Excel 10, followed by Excel 100 and Excel P (pigmented ink jet printer).

The Videojet Excel 100 was once the best selling CIJ in the world until it was replaced by Videojet Excel 170i (XL170i). The Excel 170i has continued to be the best selling model even after the merger between Willett and Videojet.

Besides Videojet Excel 170i which is versatile and flexible in meetings most of the marking and coding requirements, they are other Excel model that compliments the Videojet Excel 170i; which in a way there are cater for some niche or special applications while providing the quality and durability of the Excel series.

1. Videojet Excel HR (High Resolution) - With the 36 micron nozzle size, it is best for small character marking application.
2. Videojet Excel UHS (Ultra High Speed) - The name has self explained it function, it is for high speed marking application.
3. Videojet Excel 2000/ 2000 Opaque– Replacement for Excel P, first IP65 printer in Excel series.
4. Videojet Excel DN (Dual Nozzle) – The latest in Excel series, the only rival for Imaje twin nozzle CIJ (Imaje 9030).

Videojet Excel series is the longest existed series in the CIJ market, thus many of its rival are commenting that the Excel printer is an old technology inkjet printer. Further from this, the confusion made is the air driven technology is old technology.

Videojet Excel 170i is still the best option for most of the marking and coding applications, unless the application involves various graphics, multiple fonts and frequent changing in setting parameters.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

CIJ Industrial Inkjet Printer- Size Does Matter?

I was on top of an aseptic beverage filling machine platform last week to perform some jobs regarding pipeline in food processing.

Looking down from the platform, there are 3 units of Domino A200 CIJ (continuous ink jet) printer. To my surprise, they looked extremely bulky from the top view. Domino A series is anytime more bulky than the Videojet masterpiece, the Videojet Excel series.

Surprisingly I heard nobody complain on Domino printer size, but Videojet both Excel and 37 series were been commented on their size during my previous career in inkjet business.

As an engineer, I always reasons things based on logical facts. Domino A series and Videojet Excel series inkjet printers are designed at bigger size were definitely backed by certain reasons.

For instant, one of the advantage of Videojet 37 series and Excel series are all the parts of the printers are easily accessible, hence maintenance friendly is the strength. Besides, it also offers very good air ventilation in the system; hence we seldom heard Videojet burned due to overheated, well this means safety also.

What do you think? Is size really a matter to you?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Videojet vs. Imaje vs. Hitachi vs. Domino

This sales competition shall be one of the toughest battle between Videojet, Imaje, Hitachi and Domino in year 2008.

The customer:
A multi national beverage manufacturer.

Sales potential:
Capital equipment investment: 5 units of CIJ
Consumables usage: 5 X 7000 prints per hour, equal to 35,000 prints per hour

Bidding inkjet brand:

To print 2 lines of code consists of batch number and expiry date on top of the aseptic paper carton beverage packaging on-line.

Videojet Approach:

Videojet is one of the most established inkjet company. 2 units of Videojet Excel 170i have been setup for the trial. Sales engineer with the backup of a team of service engineers has impressed the users of their excellent customer service.

Domino Approach:

This competition is advantageous to Domino as the user is existing user of Domino CIJ.

Hitachi Approach:
Hitachi, a new market leader of CIJ in South East Asia region. .Hitachi has made the competition tougher by offering the latest Hitachi PXR with a very attractive package. The touch panel of Hitachi PXR has given the users some new experience with the large and colorful screen.

Imaje Approach:
Imaje, one of the inkjet market leaders is offering the Imaje 9020. The small foot print has impressed the engineer where space is always an issue in the filling room.

Summary of users’ remarks as below:
Most user friendly- Videojet Excel 170i
Best customer service- Videojet Excel 170i , Hitachi PXR
Best print quality- Imaje 9020, Hitachi PXR

The Decision:
After a few weeks of actual production trials and studies, Videojet Excel 170i, Hitachi PXR and Domino A200 were short listed for final consideration. The maintenance leader of the manufacturer has one concern on the air driven Videojet Excel 170i as the compressed air supply available is oily and wet.

The proposals has been escalated to top management and to ensure a wise decision is made, the customer is seeking recommendation from the headquarter which is located outside of the country.

Finally a decision is made, and the order has awarded to Domino.


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